Moving through July

Me, oh my! We are living through some crazy times in history. Seems like when you see something shocking, nothing can top that. Then, it does! 🀣

I returned to Facebook a few months ago to watch my son’s graduation. I’m still there. I post a variety of memes. I love memes because sometimes you just need a good hardy chuckle to get through what I deem insanity πŸ˜†.

Well, with my “friends” on Facebook (not the “public”) I posted this…

I thought it was funny 😁

I nearly immediately get this from Facebook…


I suppose memes will get me in trouble because I will continue to enjoy a good laugh πŸ™‚.


Moving right along…

Too cute not to share❀️. This was shared via Telegram, I’m not sure of the original source.. just cute.

Moving Along…

Caleb in Grandma’s backyard

In our yard I discovered my Big Boy tomatoes have arrived πŸ‘. We love fried green tomatoes! We continue to be thankful to be out of the city!


Our family celebrated my niece, Jaylas “18th” Birthday πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰. Hard to believe how fast 18 years goes by.

🀣I love Memes πŸ˜†

Last year at this time I thought we were very divided because of what the MSM shared with us. Now, I’m not so sure that we are. As more truth gets released, more and more each day looks like we’re less divided. The “majority” of Americans (not to mention, the world) embraces freedom! β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€οΈ

Just Keep Moving!
Yes! Keep Praying! πŸ™

~Play with Words~

Where were you when no one cared?

We watched while you dared.

Go, pretend you never cared.

One has shared divine words.

We watched while you dared.

Go, pretend you never cared.

All stand while you play with words.

I will always trust God!

Joy & Victory

Part of Mom’s flower garden 😍
These sprung up from last year πŸ‘
Beauty of Summer πŸ’ž

Joy & Victory

Joy and victory may not look the same to me and you.

Unless, you see it within a sacred connection of two or on your knees at a pew.

Light the candle, look closer at what you thought you knew.

Yeah! Joy and victory may not look the same to me and you.

July Flowers πŸ’•

July 4th

July 4th 2021

Today will definitely be one of the highlights to my Summer. The day began with me, Caleb, my sister and niece visiting a new Church. We watched it last week online and decided to check it out this Sunday. It was a wonderful service and communion Sunday. We decided we will return there next Sunday. Fellowshipping with other Christians is important. Then, we ended up having lunch in Enon, Ohio. I love their little village. Relaxed, drama free atmosphere and no one behaves like their in a rat race. We were getting ready to leave but noticed their July 4th parade was getting ready to begin. So, we pulled the folding chairs from the trunk of the car and headed towards the parade. I captured some highlights in a video to share…

Uncle Sam took a tumble but lucky for him there were many first responders nearby. Happy to report he is fine and was back on his feet soon after.

Ahhh, I love Summer!

Hope your enjoying your Summer and creating family memories.

Happy Independence Day Weekend!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day America! I feel fortunate to live in a area that will have a parade, family activities and fireworks. β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€οΈ

Flag of the United States of America

I do not take our freedom for granted. I will always remember those that have fought and died for our Country.

I will
I trust God πŸ’•

I hope you have plans to celebrate! Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Chili & Cornbread

Chili & Cornbread

On MeWe I am in the foodies groups. They don’t share a recipe, just food pictures. Many the other night was sharing their dinner pictures. What was interesting and a bit odd at the same time was that many from all over the world was showing cornbread as their side for dinner. In my neck of the woods, cornbread sides great with chili. So, even though Friday is usually pizza night. Caleb agreed on chili & cornbread.

My ingredients

I did not preplan this dinner and worked with what I had on hand.

Wonderful Aroma ❀️

Meat and seasoning blend cooked, then transferred to large pot.


I did not have a chili seasoning packet. So, I created my own.

Water & a bit of sugar
Cornbread ingredients

I didn’t have eggs on hand so I used 1/3 cup of mayonnaise as a substitute.

Ready for oven and butter ready
Hot cornbread 😍
Chili ready

With or without cornbread, this was much better than pizza. Plus, lunch leftovers tomorrow. Frugal and easy meal to throw together.

Hope your having a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

God’s Rainbow

God’s Rainbow ❀️

The other day I was putting away groceries in the kitchen. Thinking about some of the news I had seen. Many online Preppers talking about different possible things that could or might happen. I know it is best to always be prepared but not to the point of living in fear. Anyways, I happened to look out the kitchen window and seen the most gorgeous rainbow. I fealt a genuine peace flow over me. Yes, I know the rainbow was concerning a world wide flood. However, I still had a calmness come over me that only comes from God. Come whatever may, I will trust God.

God’s Rainbow

It looks as if He created it slow, Oh, what a beautiful show! So, you think that is your rainbow? Don’t you really know that the God of the highest Heaven loaded up them colors? You think you have growed as your eyes touch those remarkable colors. Ah, it is just a glow of a heavenly flow to display such a magnificent show. You should know Man once crawled upon the highest mountains to try to escape God’s flood. So, perhaps Man can take some credit for God’s Rainbow.

God’s Rainbow

Bits of Life

I love photographs, even the silly ones. Here is just a few of my captured bits of life. Every picture tells a story.

Zelda gotta love herπŸ˜†

When Zelda was rescued she was a bit feral. I’m not sure that she will ever lose that feral part of her personality. She sure is spicy.

Enon Beach Enon, Ohio

So many teenage memories of Summers gone but not forgotten. Camping out, campfires, hayrides and playing truth or dare till the break of dawn.


I believe God places reminders of His love within nature 😍

Birthday “51” 2019

I created this Birthday cake myself.I was really proud how well it turned out. Hard for me to imagine myself over the hill. So, my cake needed a waterfall over the side. πŸ™‚

City meets country

I clearly remember snapping this picture and all the emotions that surrounded it. I have much to be thankful for today. πŸ™‚

My Mom September 1968 “18”

My Mom ran away in December of 1967 to be with my Dad. My Mom turned 18 on August 7, 1968. I was born a month later. This was the first picture she mailed back home to my Grandma(her mother). Just look at that look of defiance. Well, when my Dad passed in 2007 they were still together and married. That’s old fashion determination folks.

Miss Beautifully Serious

ZuZu. She really is a beauty with all the personality traits of a Tortoise Shell cat. She will be 2 years old this month ❀️

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I plan on adding many more to my scrapbooks.

~Every picture tells a story~

Making Memories

Memorial Weekend 2021

Ohio has been having some crazy weather! A few days ago we were enjoying the 80Β° temperatures. Yesterday we dipped into the 40’s. 50’s today and 60’s tomorrow. We are beginning to head back in the right direction. 🀣

This is the weekend we remember and honor all the soldiers that have given their life for our Country and it’s freedom. May we never take that for granted. β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€οΈ


Finally, got released from the LawnStarter agreement! Whew! That was a horrible experience. Last week’s temperatures were so nice that it felt great to mow. Feeling grateful that I can complete this task every other week. We have been blessed to have a professional lawn service that comes on the in between week.

ZuZu & Zelda

I strolled ZuZu and Zelda out to the deck while I mowed. ZuZu was not happy about it and hid out in the litter box. Zelda on the other hand seemed to be in her element. She was feral when I got her and was behaving like she was ready to hunt. 🀣

Thank you, Jesus! πŸ™Œ
Eating in the backyard πŸ’•

Last week had wonderful temperatures for relaxing in the backyard. So very happy to no longer live in a apartment.πŸ™‚

Early evening moon

After mowing, while relaxing on the deck I took these early evening moon shots.

Grilling time

Then, I fired up the grill. I’m really looking forward to me and Caleb’s Summer here. I hope your making memories with your loved ones too.πŸ’—