“A Year Ago”

A year ago today darkness shone into the light, from an undescribable height.

I saw no left

I saw no right

I searched for hope with all my might.

Now I know wherever I go, the breathe of God sincerely blows. I do not seek the darkness of foes. Nor do I lay low for what God already knows.

I continue forward now with divine guidance from undescribable heights. Knowing my hope, day or night is carried within Angel flight.

By: Marjorie’s Mix

Originally posted 10-21-18

Updated on 11-26-21

Photo by: Marjorie’s Mix


Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Please do not think you are ever alone. God is near! We spent the day at home today.

Thanksgiving Dinner

My brother invited us to his house with all the family. Last year we went there and it was wonderful. This year for the first time in my adult life I chose to stay home for Thanksgiving. No hosting nor getting ready to travel with the crazy drivers on the road. However, I seemed to have forgotten that I would have a lot of food to cook πŸ˜…. Next year I’m going were it is hosted πŸ™‚. On the positive side we will have fantastic leftovers tomorrow and no cooking!

I know this is not a easy time of year for many people. Please know God is near and there is peace that only He can provide.

I’m thankful for God’s peace ✝️


Classic 7up Salad

Classic 7up Salad

(This post was originally published on 8-24-20 and updated on 11-18-20)

This classic 7up Salad has three layers and easy to create. This dessert is wonderful anytime of year. Created as part of a Holiday buffet is a treat to the eyes. Not to mention, a taste sensation! The best part is that it falls under the catagory of “frugal”. Yes, $7 – $8 to create a huge dish of homemade goodness. I remember watching my Grandma make this. Classic recipes are my favorite!

Grandma would be proud!😊


1 large box of Lemon Jello (the grocery had no large boxes. So, I got 2 – 3oz boxes).

2 cups 7 up

2 cups miniature marshmallows (I used a whole 10 oz bag).

2 cups of boiling water

20 oz can of drained crushed pineapple

1/2 cup sugar

1 egg

1 cup pineapple juice (from the drained crushed pineapple can).

2 unleveled Tbsp flour

2 – 8 oz boxes of cream cheese (softened)

4 Tbsp butter or margarine

Your desired amount of cool whip to top (I used 12 oz)

I used a 9 x13 aluminum pan that came with a cover. However, I think this dessert looks best in a glass casserole dish. *I have to get a new casserole dish*

Step 1: 1st layer

In the pan or dish that your using pour in 2 cups of boiling water (I used my tea kettle). Dissolve the jello in the boiling water, add 7up, add drained pineapple and blend. Cover with marshmallows and set till firm. It takes about 3+ hours to firm. I began step 2 after a hour of step 1 setting. Either way, the results are fabulous!

Step 2: 2nd layer

On the stove in a pan (I had my heat dialed to #4) add pineapple juice, sugar and egg. Blend well. Add flour and stir until it thickens (just like making gravy). Then, remove from heat and add butter plus cream cheese. Beat/whip mixture until well blended and creamy. I did all of this by hand but you can use a electric mixer if you choose. Spread over 1st layer and place in frig till firm.

Step 3: final layer

Final step: Spread cool whip (whipped cream) over top. You can be creative with this recipe and make it uniquely yours. For instance, you can use lime jello and pastel colored marshmallows for the Springtime. This is a classic recipe that never fails to keep them coming back for more. ~Enjoy~


Living Well

Well, I can definitely say getting older is not a negative aspect of life. To have been able to weather and navigate through the storms of life is positively priceless.

I hope everyone has been living well! πŸ’—

We got our tree up! Even though Zelda thinks it looks better knocked over πŸ˜‚. It has been like living out the movie Groundhog Day trying to teach her not to climb it. It still needs a lot more trimming and will look better the closer to Christmas we get. The star is my favorite ornament.

Scrambled Omelette

With the cold weather approaching we will be staying home much more. A positive to being home more is homemade cooking. I call the above photo a Scrambled Omelette. The ingredients: egg, milk, garlic cloves(I love garlic), mushrooms, spinach and some favorite spices. Plus, mozzarella on top 😍

Homemade Beef Roast

Homemade beef roast with pasta and vegetables. I know pasta is usually not a part of beef roast but this was good! I love the one pan dinners.

We have been taking the time to enjoy some movies too. We like streaming tv a lot because we can choose what we want to watch. “Miracle in the Woods” was very good and has a incredible cast. It is a 1997 film and runs for 92 minutes. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. Be prepared for tear jerker moments. I watched it on Amazon Prime.

So true. You never know what someone is going through or has been through. Be kind.

Did I mention Zelda keeps everyone on their toes 🀣? ZuZu was trying to relax but Zelda kept jumping on her. Finally, ZuZu was done warning her. This is the same look I gave Zelda after seeing the tree knocked over for the 3rd time. .. very relatable!

Crazy Cat😹

In the above video, I was trying to video ZuZu chasing the ribbons on Cat tv. Then, Zelda came flying out of nowhere. On her way down she missed the tv stand and hit the floor πŸ˜‚

True. Share your plans with the Lord. He is closer than you think πŸ’•

Keep looking up and continue to live well!❀️


Forward in Faith

Ohio is beginning to enter it’s chilly season. This may surprise you, it is at the end of October and believe it or not I am continuing to harvest tomatoes from my Big Boy tomato plants! I am really going to miss Summer.

The Cat Post

Did I mention, Zelda keeps me on my toesπŸ˜†. The cat post was their Christmas present last year. Zelda has given it a workout! It came with a cute ball dangling from a rope attached to it. Zelda has since detached the cute ball.

Cat Tv

After I tuck Caleb in for the night, I turn on Cat tv for ZuZu and Zelda. These videos are on YouTube. You can find cat & dog videos there. ZuZu watches from a distance but Zelda has to be right upon it.


I walked out of the room and came back. It looked like Zelda scared the Tv cat. 🀣

My Baby BoyπŸ’—πŸ’•

My youngest son showed up 3 weeks early on October 25th of 2001. So much happening at that time as a single parent. I was juggling life with a 10 year old autistic beginning medication therapy, a very active 4 year old and watching my goals fall apart. 3 weeks prior to my water breaking, I watched my 2 year leased vehicle that I only owed two payments on to officially end the lease get repossessed. Not to mention, 9/11 had occurred shortly before that.

On October 24th at 4:12 am my water broke. On October 25th close to 4am I still had not delivered. The Doctor came in and said they were prepping the operating room for a C-section. She was concerned that he was in stress and 4:12 am would be 24 hours since my water broke. I fealt scared and began saying come on baby boy. Would you believe I had no C-section and he delivered weighing 7lb 6 oz at 4:12 am. They handed him to me, we made eye contact and what a abundant feeling of love πŸ’•. All was well, then the nurse took him and he passed out in her arms. Seems he had ingested fluid in his lungs from not delivering so long after my water broke. They called in a Specialist and he began administering antibiotics for sepsis. The Specialist told me he didn’t think he was going to make it. All we could do was wait and see if he survived the next 24 hours. Going home without my baby and staring at a empty crib was one of the hardest emotional times in my life. I called a lady I knew, asked her to call her church and form a prayer circle for Corbin. Well, on Thursday the Specialist was preparing me for him not making it. Everyday I was at the hospital hoping and praying. On Sunday the Specialist called me at home. He said, “Your little man has taking a turn for the better, he is going to live”. Praise God!πŸ™Œ

Live he has! β€οΈπŸ’ž
My youngest son, Corbin

He is currently stationed in South Korea. He loves the country there and it’s people. I hope to get to see him before another Birthday has passed. He has made me proud with the man he is becoming.πŸ’–πŸ’ž

Yes He Does!
Friday Night Pizza

On Friday instead of making homemade pizza, I purchased pizza from Speedway. Incredible budget friendly deal and incredible pizza. Me and Caleb was enjoying leftovers the next day.

Christmas Memories

I have decided this year I am going to put up the tree early. This Sunday I will put it up and create that Holiday Seasonal vibe.

Please Christians (brothers & sisters) do not shame anyone for celebrating Christmas. Most of us know and realize that Jesus was born in September (probably the 11th). We also know that pagans celebrate a December holiday too.

I keep our Christmas Christ centered. Also, so many fond childhood memories spent with family and friends. The decorating, cooking, plays, church events and family time.

I’m curious, is anybody else putting up their tree before Thanksgiving?

True βœ”οΈ

This past week I have been searching for encouraging and motivational scriptures with online videos. YouTube has this channel called “Fearless Motivation” I have that blended into my music list now. We all need to encourage each other and recognize we all have struggles. Sometimes we are busy fighting battles that belong to God. I’m going to continue to move forward in Faith and hope that you do too.

We have made it through everything that life has thrown at us so farπŸ˜„. Let us all continue to move forward and enjoy this new week!


Blessed & I Know It!

Ohio has continued to have beautiful sunny days. Most of our day today was outside absorbing up all the sun. This morning I was enjoying my coffee outside when I noticed something walking on the fallen tree in the backyard. A wild cat! Well, maybe a dropped domestic cat. It would not let me get too near and it took off into the woods.

Caleb brought out a bucket of balls and enjoyed some backyard time too. I’m not looking forward to the colder days ahead. Trying to emotionally prepare myself πŸ˜‚.

It was too beautiful of a day not to pull out the grill. I do not believe I have ever grilled out as much as I have in 2021. We are so happy to no longer live in the city.

While the grill was heating up I noticed my neighbors had wild guests in their backyard. I just love Ohio’s wildlife ❀️

Burgers on the grill! Love that aroma of beef cooking on a charcoal grill. However, deer burgers is wonderful tooπŸ˜‡

Check out all that green! Ohio really is beautiful. I do not take anything for granted and thank Jesus daily for our blessings. The house here is not fancy. It is a older country home built in 1955. I moved here from a more modern townhouse in the city. I do not miss city living!

We decided to end the evening with grilled smores. Hope you had a wonderful weekend in your area of the world and a blessed week ahead.❀️


Apple Butter Festival

Apple Butter Festival Enon, Ohio

On Saturday we went to the Apple Butter Festival in Enon, Ohio. Caleb had been preparing for this all week. Finally, Saturday arrived and we were heading in the direction of the festival. Turned out to be another beautiful Ohio day.

It was very family oriented and many families showed up to enjoy one of this areas favorite festivals. I like that they don’t allow alcohol and it is kept family friendly.

Caleb wanted the deep fried cheesecake πŸ˜‚. However, I told him we would stick with the funnel cake.

Funnel Cake

Is it possible to go to a festival and not get funnel cake? Even though Caleb is autistic, he prepared for this all week and did very good at the festival.

The festival was so busy and there was so much to see. I put us on a budget before going. Yet, is was difficult not to check out the many vendors. So much creative art on display too.

World’s best root beer

Caleb surprised me…he wanted to buy everything he seenπŸ˜‚. Yeah, we had to have the world’s best root beer.

Then, his eyes seen a Buzz Light Year necklace.

Apple & honey stand

Then, he picked out a candy apple.

Apple Butter

Before we left we purchased our hot jar of apple butter. I literally heard the jar seal in the car. I hope you have enjoyed your Summer and beginning of Fall too!


Ends & Beginnings

Dinner in the backyard ❀️

Returning after a long social media break. I even avoided news as much as possible. My family enjoyed the ending of Summer together. Now, we are welcoming Fall and continue to have great weather here in Ohio for grilled dinners in the backyard. Taking a social media break was a good decision. I’m back and feel recharged!

Our Tortoise Shell cats

ZuZu and Zelda enjoyed more attention too. I would not recommend Torties(Tortoise Shell) to first time cat owners. They are very self willed and keep me on my toes🀣.

I believe I see light at the end of the tunnel.

Regardless of what I see on the news, I will remain hopeful. I believe that God is always in charge. Focus on the positive and know that everything will get better. Keep your eyes on God not Man! I woke up this morning and read Psalm 94 out loud. Vengeance always belongs to God and He will take care of the wicked. Do not lose faith!


Throw Back Thursday

I really do believe better days are ahead! I know one day Jesus will return in the clouds. So, everyday I wake up I know I am one day closer to that event! God is always near!

My Mini Movie

Yesterday was my Birthday (9-8-68)! The big “53” πŸ™‚. It has been a lonnng journey thus far. I spent the day reflecting over the past year and my life in general. It is true! “What a difference a year can make!” I really do not feel like I’m “53”. Seems like just yesterday I was a child. The best part of my Birthday was my youngest son contacting me from South Korea ❀️. He shared loving heartfelt birthday wishes with me that was priceless ❀️. The best part of this life on Earth is knowing I am a child of God. I will continue to move forward until he calls me home ❀️.


Frugal & Foodie

Frugal Meal Ideas

With grocery prices going up I’m happy I know how to create frugal meals at home. On this blog post I will share some frugal meal ideas for your own frugal menus. Also, I believe homemade frugal meals are always healthier than eating out.

Homemade Chili

We love homemade chili! It is a great frugal meal idea that you can be creative with and choose from a variety of ingredients. Not to mention, if you add crackers/cornbread and cheese you will have all the food groups in one bowl.

Homemade Cornbread

Did somebody say homemade cornbread!? Cornbread is a wonderful side for many frugal meals. Dipping sweet cornbread in milk or pouring milk over it is a Appalachian treat πŸ™‚.

Homemade beef vegetable soup or stew

Frugal meals are easy to put together and most can be created with what you already have on hand.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Ahh! My favorite Summertime meal (yes, I can make a meal out of fried green tomatoes πŸ™‚). They always taste best if you grow your own tomatoes!

Fried chicken liver

Yeah, I know that chicken liver is not everyone’s favorite. We only have it a few times a year because it is high in cholesterol. However, the iron is also very high in it too. I usually make gravy out of the drippings that is left in the pan. Then, we like to put it over rice.

Baked chicken with rice and broccoli

So easy to make and this is a one pan meal. It looks expensive but it is not.

Homemade Goulash and Sweet Tea

Another frugal favorite! Homemade goulash with sweet tea on the side. This is living! πŸ™‚

Homemade Pizza

I have discovered that using Bisquick as the pizza crust turns out wonderful! Of course, we all know this is a one pan meal that we all can get creative with.

My niece Bailey showing off her Dairy Queen Banana Split πŸ‘€

I hope you enjoyed the frugal meal ideas. My niece, Bailey says a splurge every now and then keeps life enjoyable πŸ™‚ *Note: Banana Splits can be homemade tooπŸ˜‡