2019! #Life #Lessons #Positive

20150506_202950Photo by: Marjorie MyselfNi taken in Riverside, Ohio

Loving 2019! However, I equally loved 2018. The ups, downs, positives and negatives produced life lessons I will never forget. Some happy, some sad and all of it involved life lessons. Happy to now turn my back on the past and march forward to another remarkable year in my life’s journey. 


Some long term friendships lost. Which made room for the many new friendships and thought provoking experiences to come. I finally adopted the realization that we all go through life’s ups and downs. I’m thankful that it only made me stronger in so many areas of my life.

20171002_165252 Photo taken by: Marjorie MyselfNi  taken in Englewood, Ohio

Goodbye past and I say cheers to us all for the 2019 ups and downs. The storm may seem terrifying but the rainbow is incredible!

Love ya’ll & Happy New Year to us all! 


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