Dream Journaling #Diary #Dream #Journal

fb_img_1548166853134Photo by: Corbin Aalderts(my youngest son), taken in 2014 after we had moved to Riverside, Ohio. Young Robin bird on a tree branch.

Wikipedia describes a dream journal as a dream diary that is often used in the study of dreams.

I enjoy keeping one and find it thought provoking to look back on. No two are alike. So, if you choose to begin one, be creative and make it uniquely yours. The key is to write down your dream as soon as you awake to remember it. Later you can go back and interpret it either via your own personal intuition, a dream interpretation book or of course Google it. 🙂

   ” The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  -Eleanor Roosevelt

In the process of keeping mine I had an interesting experience. The other night I dreamed of a Robin bird. As I was looking back through my journal I discovered I had dreamed of the Robin before and it was exactly one year to the date of this present dream. So, looking back over 2018 to present this knowledge created a genuine happiness all around me. My interpretation; Yes, new beginnings are ahead! Change can seem negative at first but trust the process. Without exception anything I labeled negative in 2018 turned into a positive. In hindsight I realize now the negative always presented a life lesson. Thus, I would not have experienced the positive outcome without that growth. 🙂

Happy Journaling! 


  1. Marjorie, the robin story was interesting. I like your positive attitude as I find being positive has such an impact on thoughts and the way we live our lives. You are truly an inspiring friend, and I wish you a wonderful 2019.

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