Missing You! #remembrance #Dad #memories

FB_IMG_1552836271432Me and my parents in 1968. My first pic taken with Dad. Taken in upstate New York because my Dad was with the Navy Base that was opened at that time off the coast. He finished his four years then we returned home to Ohio.

FB_IMG_1552837253272Still remember this dress and the feeling of pride to show my “Daddy” I got a Navy dress. Then, came my teenage years and our relationship was constant division. However, we mended those years and our relationship was stronger.

FB_IMG_1552837184005My Dad being silly with my oldest son Christmas 1992. My dad was 100% extrovert and he loved to joke with everyone. I can still remember his laugh and his optimism was contagious.

FB_IMG_1552837300829This is my last pic with my Dad. We found out in 2005 that there was nothing else the Doctors could do. My Dad’s heart was failing. In 2007 I lived about 170 miles away my Mom called and told me he had just passed. However, a nurse entered the room and said his heart was beating. So, Mom put the phone by his ear and I told him how much I loved him till the monitor stopped. 

Nearly, twelve years later and I still miss him. My Dad always said don’t be sad because I’m on my way to Heaven and I believe that!

Always let your loved ones know you love them.

James Franklin Dickerson 7-3-42 to 4-9-07

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