Positive Outcome :-) #Blessed #Life #Positive

IMG_20190506_141919303IMG_20190506_142542401Backyard photos of: Caleb enjoying chalk art near the Spring honeysuckle bush, photo by; Marjorie MyselfNi

April 2018 I was in the process of moving from yet another bad neighborhood. With the heroin epidemic here it was difficult for a single parent family on a budget to find a safe and secure neighborhood.

     Found new address, signed lease, deposit down, utilities turned on in my name and following my sister to new address with our vehicles loaded down. Even though it was rainy it felt like a good day. One block from new address I get side-swiped at a yield sign that I had nearly crossed. Thankfully, no one was hurt. However, due to the verbal altercation between my sister and the person who she believed to be the actual driver that left the scene in a different vehicle, my sister did not want me in what looked like another bad neighborhood. I just couldn’t believe what started out as a perfect day could end so negative.

We called current new landlord and he was very understanding. Surprisingly, he was going to give me back my deposit. He did ask that I look at one more rental first. Well, I’ve been here over a year now. This one cost more but came with attached garage, added half bath, extra bedroom and most importantly no 911 calls related to drug activity.

IMG_20190401_164112683IMG_20190401_164838579_BURST001Caleb’s 28th Birthday (My April Fool’s Baby) 🙂

So, if it had not been for the accident, Me and Caleb would not have our current address. I thought the accident was negative but the whole time God was working behind the scenes. At this point in my life when something happens that I consider to be negative, I wonder what positive outcome God is going to turn it into :-). I have learned that God is “always” in control, even during those dark times when we “think” we are alone. This is living life and living life blessed 🙂


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