Eyes On the Skies #Ohio #Sky #Weather

IMG_20190528_193452475View from my upstairs window. I live in one of the counties in Ohio were tornados touched down last night. Montgomery county took the biggest hits last night. However, in Celina, Ohio a life was lost. At 9am this morning my county; Greene, also declared a State of Emergency.

When the first alert crossed my phone, I ignored it. When the second came with the warning siren going off I knew something was happening. Turned to the news channels and checked my mobile phone, tornado crossing Montgomery and heading toward Greene county. I put Caleb in the under stairs closet and by this time hail is pounding the garage door, roof and windows. I wanted to get a quick look out the upstairs window but when I felt the stairs vibrating under my feet I decided to join Caleb immediately. I really thought from the sounds that the roof was going to come off. What seemed like eternity only lasted 2 minutes at the worse (a long 2 minutes). Thankfully, no damage and we did not loose our electric or water. Feel very thankful for all the prayers last night!

IMG_20190528_200139980 Now the area is being told that there is the possibility for more. One thing I know for sure is that I will not ignore the first alert ever again.


    1. Thank you! Yes, hard to believe what it looks like about two miles away. Beavercreek is still blocked off in many areas and you can see ahead of the block off electric poles leaning down towards the road. We were fortunate many were not.

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    1. Yes, I feel very thankful! If I heard The Weather Channel correct, our country has had tornadoes everyday for the last 12-13 days in a row. A real miracle that only one lost their life that night.


  1. We are in West Lafayette, Indiana and had straight-line wind come right down our street. Looked like hurricane winds (grew up with those), and we had some minor damage. Really fast, but, whew!!! Glad y’all weren’t hit and didn’t have damage!

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    1. I continue to feel thankful that my family didn’t get hit with the bulk of it. On this evening 18 tornadoes touched down in Ohio. It broke the record for multiple tornadoes at once. One friend in Riverside, Ohio that night had one go through his backyard and another through the front. His home was not hit. He was also very fortunate.

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