Within all the Green #Poetic #Seasons #Thoughts

IMG_20190506_142159253.jpg Photos by: Marjorie MyselfNi 20180514_160719

Atlas, that time of year for all the seasonal green. Have you seen the plants of Spring leaning toward the green within Summer? 

IMG_20181219_152712944 Photos by: Marjorie MyselfNi   IMG_20181219_152727505_BURST000_COVER_TOP

I think it is so mean that Summer gives way to Fall then Winter. Have you seen the green of Summer lean toward the colder seasons? Now, I think there is a reason, for if  you look closer within the season, you’ll see the poetic lesson within all the green.   ~Marjorie MyselfNi~

seasons                                   6f5227874598715eb72c58d016b10368--scrapbooking-ideas-good-times




  1. Thank you for this post. I do enjoy the changing of the seasons. I just am not too fond of all four seasons showing up the same week which sometimes happens in Illinois.

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