Frugal Pizza Bread #Frugal #Pizza #Recipe

IMG_20190614_213308456     IMG_20190614_213501254

I love quick, easy and frugal recipes that are so easy to make that no recipe card is needed. This one I have been doing since my kids were young. Nice easy snack idea or add a salad on the side and make it a meal. All the ingredients are under $5.00 🙂  Kroger hamburger buns $1.25, Kroger generic cheese $1.89, Hunts Pasta Sauce $1.00 and your choice if you want to add spices or not. I like a bit of Italian seasoning and a touch of garlic powder or garlic salt. You do not have to add spice, the Hunts sauce is filled with it. Also, I used hamburger buns this time but any bread will work. Place bread in oven covered with sauce and cheese at 350 degrees until it is toasted the way you want it.

IMG_20190614_214315533     IMG_20190615_140140596

You can use a whole slice of cheese, half a slice or break it down into pieces. This recipe works well for picky kids that only want cheese and no other bulky ingredients. 🙂

IMG_20190615_140151018     IMG_20190615_140204907

    After 5-6 minutes of bake time or toasted to your own liking then, turn off bake temp and broil on high for 2-3 minutes. So easy, quick and even satisfies a picky eater for under $5.00!

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