Emotional Performers #Amusement #Insecure #Pondering

IMG_20190626_195048991Me caught pondering at age 25

I find myself pondering more the older I get. I have an INFJ personality so I am always trying to figure out situations and people. Always looking at life from all angles. With age comes wisdom and now my pondering comes with a unique perspective that I didn’t have in my younger days.

Now, when I deal with individuals I can clearly see and hear with an aged wisdom who is performing an emotional act based upon insecurities. Unlike when I was younger, I now can find the amusement of having to “temporally” deal with the emotional performers of life.


Emotional performers are like a super charged cloud filled with drama, insecurity and flow with negativity. They attempt to eclipse your sun but like all eclipses they are only “temporally” there. Have you noticed that insecure individuals are the loudest? Now, that I’m older I recognize it instantly as insecurity. Lastly, I believe it is absolutely amusing when an emotional performer has only accomplished amusement for all the observers.

20180908_194216Taken on my Birthday, age 50

If I could have given my younger self advice, I believe at the top of the list would be:

  1. Find the amusement in situations meant to anger you “smile”
  2. Do what makes your soul happy  🙂



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