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~Preparing to work at the laptop~

Have you heard of online surveys that pay you to complete them? Obviously, this is enticing and grabs your attention. Survey site sends you notices after you have registered for free to complete their surveys and they pay you to do this. Surveys can be from a few minutes of your time to 20 minutes of your time. Each survey usually gives you points. For example; after you have reached 1,000 points you can then cash out with PayPal for only a few minutes of your time.

Even though many bloggers are promoting this, I am not. This is not easy, takes up more than a few minutes of your time and I think I would rather sell my plasma than ever waste another minute of my time with a online “paid” survey. Tedious is an understatement with these online “paid” surveys. After two weeks I got a notice from one that in just 800 plus points I could receive my $10 via my PayPal. So, this blogger would rather promote the selling of your plasma. You then have done something good for science and in a few hours a month (one day) you have a bit of extra money to cover one of your utility bills. 🙂

I am going to end on a positive note 🙂 After spending a couple of weeks spamming myself via online paid surveys I now receive advertisements in my mail box that actually interest me. See, these surveys find out “everything” about you. Then, they/their affiliates can advertise to you. So, in my humble opinion 🙂 don’t waste your time with surveys. However, I am getting the kind of “junk” mail in my box now that does seem enticing. 🙂


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