Frugal Supreme Pizza #Frugal #Pizza #Recipe


I believe on my Instagram (Marjorie’s Mix) I posted that this was a three ingredient frugal pizza. However, this is a three item frugal recipe. This is just a simple Summer pizza idea that is fast, convenient and my most favorite..”frugal” ๐Ÿ™‚



Ok, first item; Red Baron pizza that I purchased at Save A Lot grocery for $3.49. Follow box instructions and place pizza directly on your oven rack. When it is in for half the time, then it is time to add the second item:


Also, purchased this at Save A Lot for; $1.29. Cook it according to the directions on the bag and drain. Slide the pizza out and place the California Medley on top spread out. Right before pizza is done (keep an eye on the bottom so the crust doesn’t over cook) add the final item:


I always add a handful to the center of the pizza and work it out to the edges. You positively will not need to use the whole bag. Just use the amount you choose. This was also purchased at Save A Lot grocery for $2.39.

The outcome is amazing and we always have leftovers for lunch the next day. The thickness of this is like a casserole and a side salad makes a perfect filling meal.

IMG_20190704_202146964 IMG_20190704_200628508 IMG_20190704_202124591


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