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20190806_161249-COLLAGE     I waited, I prayed and watched news coverage of the El Paso, Texas / Dayton, Ohio mass shootings before blogging about it.

My youngest son lives in El Paso, Texas. He spent most of the Summer here in Ohio with me before returning on July 22nd. This past Saturday I was calling him to check that he was safe after the El Paso mass shooting at their local Walmart. Thankfully, him and his Texas family are safe!

Less than 24 hours later on Sunday morning my son was calling to see that I was safe after hearing about a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. How can any sane person comprehend such hate!? Everyone is looking for a motive, a scapegoat, anything that makes sense. These were senseless crimes and there is no logical reason other than insane hate. My heart goes out to those families that lost loved ones in both mass shootings. 

This morning the Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine proposed Red Flag laws here. Red Flag laws allow family members or police to seek removal of firearms from anyone they fear will cause harm to themselves or others. Governor DeWine is also proposing stronger background checks on firearm purchases. This is bipartisan, involves Due Process and I believe every State should have Red Flag laws. We have to Stop pointing political fingers and move forward together from where we are as a Country united against gun violence!

Ending on a positive note, an El Paso 11 year old has begun the #ElPasoChallenge. The El Paso challenge is doing an act of kindness for each of the victims that have died. This is for healing within the El Paso community. However, a nice idea for our Country to participate in at this time of healing. 

Say No to Hate!

Pray that our leaders do what is right!



  1. I pray for our country and the families who have suffered a loss. There is not a simple answer to this devastating problem. I do think it starts in the home and the way children are raised. The world has become a scary place.

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    1. True. I read an article today that interviewed the Dayton shooter’s ex girlfriend. He lived with his parents and she said his room was nearly all “Black” and in disarray. Personally, that would not go over with me. If you’re my child & want to paint your room black..then, we need to talk 😲. She shared a lot in the interview; texts and even that he was stalking his ex girlfriend at that time. There is no way to make sense of something so senseless. I also realize his parents didn’t pull the trigger on innocent victims. Also, I believe this began in his mind much earlier and he never got the Mental health that he needed. Hopefully, stronger gun laws will be adopted across our Country. 🇺🇸

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      1. No parent wants their child to commit such an horrendous act. I just that I have not missed signs with my own son. However, anybody can have a moment of insanity. Guns just make killing easier and the count of bodies quicker. Peace to you, a sweet spirit!

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