From Doors to Windows #Faith #Peace #Relax


The two sky shots are mine and can also be found on my IG: Marjorie’s Mix. The biblical quote image was discovered on Pinterest.

A few weeks ago I was getting ready for bed. I’ve developed a habit of putting in my Bluetooth ear buds and listening to the Abide meditation channel on YouTube as I’m falling asleep. So, that evening I got comfortable, relaxed have turned off the lights and in bed. Then,”thoughts” crossed my mind; “What if someone tries to break in? Will I hear a noise downstairs if I’ve got these ear buds in?” I was so relaxed and felt so peaceful that I chose to hand that fear over to God. The Word of God states that his angels have charge over me and that I am protected. So, I prayed, claimed the victory and went to sleep. (John 8:44 I knew exactly where the thoughts came from)

The next morning I woke up so refreshed! I slept peacefully and was thanking God for such a restful sleep. I went downstairs brewed my coffee, opened the window shade and with my back to the kitchen counter began to drink my coffee as I viewed the morning sky. However, something else caught my attention. My screen was up blocking my morning view! I put down the coffee, walked over and pulled the whole shade up. I was standing there in disbelief! My screen was completely up and my window was raised about 6-7 inches. Under my window leaned up against my home was a bicycle. It looked like someone tried to break in and something scared them. (Psalm 56:3)

I called the rental manager and he came right over. We both were surprised because I’ve been here over a year and nothing like this happens here. So, he called the police and began to ask neighbors if they might know who the bike belonged to or if they seen anything. Turned out that the bike belonged to the new neighbor’s son’s teenage girlfriend. After the police got here we learned the rest of the story: She was not allowed to be there and after the Mom left early for work she chose the wrong window to try to climb into. I’m happy that for what ever reason that she left my window up. That just demonstrated the power of God to me. The window is an American Craftsman window. So, when she raised the screen a safety measure popped out to prevent the window from being raised but a few inches. (Yes, the window was locked)

This story could have ended much different. However, Mom came home and brought her son over to apologize. He sincerely is a sweet kid. Me and the Mother are both parents to adult children so we do have empathy for each other 🙂 So, instead of our new neighbor relationship being ruined this has only strengthened it and I continue to sleep peacefully knowing that God is always in control. ZZzzz



  1. I enjoyed reading this! Thanks so much for sharing, I’m so glad you got it all figured out in the end but it’s awesome God had given you peace to sleep even when you felt something may not be right.

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