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Thank you, Sarah (aka Skelly) for choosing my Blog with others as a Special Blogger nomination. Your very kind! 🙂

I encourage anyone reading this to check out Sarah’s Blog:  through the WordPress search engine you can also find her Blog by putting in: fabricthatmademe

My five questions from Sarah and my answers:

1. What one thing that keeps you up at night? A year ago my answer would have been different. Now, when I feel insomnia I hand it to Jesus through prayer and declare the victory for a restful night of sleep. Also, the Abide channel on YouTube is what I fall asleep to.

2. What made you start your Blog? I had been following Blogging/Bloggers for awhile and trying to get my nerve up to start my own. Originally, I planned to do it on my 50th birthday but life got in the way. Last Fall I decided one day I’m doing it and no more excuses! Happy with my decision to begin because of all the diverse and colorful Bloggers that share a glimpse into their lives. I love that we are all unique and individual with kindness that stretches across the miles. 🙂

3. Three things about myself that I haven’t shared yet in my Blog:

(1. I like to draw and add poetry to it.

(2. I’m the oldest of three: Me, 1968…my brother, 1970…my sister, 1983. Me and my Mother both had our youngest when we we’re 33.

(3. My Mother had a biopsy on Thursday. The Doctor that did the biopsy told her to be prepared that he believes it is cancer. On August the 22nd the family will find out officially what the results are. I handled everything amazingly well on Thursday because she seemed to handle it well. On Friday I opened my window and smelled  charcoal from a cookout. A flood of family memories came rushing through. I just broke down crying. Lost my Dad in 2007 and the thought of loosing both struck me. I believe in the power of prayer and I also know to trust God’s timing.

4. Do you prefer the mountains or the ocean and why? I prefer the Appalachian Mountains 🙂  I lived in Florida for three years and the ocean is beautiful. Yet, I was raised in SE Ohio among the foothills of the Appalachian mountain range. It is difficult to clearly put into words the amazing beauty and feeling of home when I see the mountains come into view. 

5. What is one thing that you can share that will help others improve their writing or Blog page? Well, I’m still a newbie Blogger 🙂  However, I think the future Blogger in me would say; write like the reader is sitting there in front of you and always be authentically “you” 🙂

Even though I could easily nominate more than three Bloggers. I’m going to keep it simple and nominate “three”:

#1: adiscardedplant, newtoneapblog

   This is my #1 pic because this was my first follower on Marjorie’s Mix. Very kind of you to reach out and follow a newbie 🙂

#2: Irene, Heaven’s Sunshine  check her Blog out for gorgeous photography & images!

#3: Poeticallyyours360, Reflections: A Mindful Journey  check his Blog out for wonderful poetry that flows 🙂

I’m not technologically inclined. So, if I messed up any ones Blog address please correct me in the comments and I will do an edit 🙂

You don’t “have” to participate if you don’t want to 🙂

The three questions for the nominees are:

1. Why did you decide to become a Blogger?

2. If you could live anywhere you chose on Earth, where would you live and why?

3. What is something that you’ve done that no one would expect?

IMG_20190727_202436379 Taken in my backyard by me 🙂

    Hope your enjoying your Summer! Have a blessed week ahead & know that you are loved! (Romans 5:8)



  1. Hello there! I am honored that I was chosen by you. Truly I appreciate the thought and you. So congrats for your own nomination. I will be in prayer with you for your mother. Don’t know if you remember not long ago, me and my son was shown mercy by God and defeated cancer.
    Thanks again and may God keep you in perfect peace!

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    1. She got the biopsy results back today. Cancer. Such an ugly word. Surgery at beginning of September for her. Could have been caught earlier but insurance hurdles for her made that nearly impossible. She has worked for 22 years at Walmart (anyone deserves a trophy for that!😄). On her days off last year she would search for a Doctor that excepted her insurance. Not easy. Not to mention her copays. After someone has worked at the same employer for 22 years you would think we as a Country could do better with are healthcare system. It is a mess! Thanks for the prayers 🙏 much needed. 💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you are very welcome. that is sad about the healthcare situation. Good thing we have a blessed assurance…Jesus followers are accepted in Heaven. My prayers will continue, not only for her, but you as well. If you read the children hospital, then you know I went through it with my son. I pray God keep you in perfect peace and his grace abound in your life…

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