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IMG_20190822_112438748Photo taken by me today on a walk.

This is a hard post to write. I wish it was a recipe, some beautiful imagery or some heartfelt poetry. Instead, I share thoughts of autism and cancer.

IMG_20190820_204504086Sunset in Ohio taken by me.

For those that don’t know I’m a Mother, advocate and voice of a 28 year old autistic. His autism comes with a splash of ADHD and seizure disorder. The paramedics was at our home a couple of weeks ago to help me get him out of a half bathroom because of a grand mal seizure. His home healthcare began when he was 22. He has had the same neurologist since he was 15 (he is an expert in his field). He has already documented that my son has to have 24/7 care. Also, my son’s family Doctor has also stated this. His home healthcare agency told me in December to ask for more hours through the State. This was in consideration of him and I getting older. At the time, I felt like it was to soon to do that. Then, in March when I had to have an emergency surgery I realized he had to have more services and hours. What if I really did get sick? What if I had to be in a hospital multiple days? My Mother and sister helped after my surgery (I was fortunate) but what if they couldn’t? The Doctor, home healthcare agency and me began this unbelievable red tape paperwork hurdle in April. Now, it is August and even switched his State insurance (all State insurance comes from the “same” fund) and still can not get a pre authorization done. Does Due Process mean anything?

*I’m not loosing my faith!* Luke 18:27 Regardless of circumstances I will continue to believe!

Today, my Mother got the official cancer diagnosis. She has been over a year trying to find a gynecologist that would except her insurance. She has been 22 years at the same job. On her days off she would call Doctor offices trying to find one that would take her insurance. Me and my sister tried to help her too. In December she found one several miles away. On her way there she got lost and caught in a snow storm but continued. When she got there even though they knew she drove through a snow storm, they said because she was 25 minutes late they wouldn’t see her. My Mother pleaded with them because she was in so much pain and blood was present at that time. She finally got to a woman Doctor/gynecologist last week that took her insurance. After she examined her she immediately scheduled her for a biopsy the next day. Cancer confirmed today. Surgery for the beginning of September.

     I’m so frustrated with our healthcare system in this Country. Someone with an addiction gets the red carpet treatment. While, all others go to the back of the line and prepare to jump Red Tape hurdles.

IMG_20190820_205122409 Photo by me.. felt appropriate at the time.

Our Country is preparing for elections again. The Left will say, my way is best and The Right will say, my way is best. Both will promise healthcare solutions.

I find this Native American quote the most truthful: “What if I told you both wings belong to the “same” bird!”



  1. I am sorry to hear that things have been so challenging — praying that your mother’s procedure goes smoothly, and that you and your son will experience the Lord’s peace, comfort, and provision during this difficult season — now and always. 🙏🏾

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  2. I find this Native American quote the most truthful: “What if I told you both wings belong to the “same” bird!”

    You are so incredibly correct! I wish more people would realize this.

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  3. Love,,prayers and hugs. You are going through so much. I am so glad you could share it, so we can pray. Our stories are not exactly the same, but have some common ground. I have a 27 yr. old daughter that needs 24/7 care. I haven’t sought outside help yet . . . .your journey to get help lets me know what I will face. She has seizures too. And my mom passed away in 2016, but not of cancer. I moved us in with mom, to take care of her and my daughter. Only God could have covered us and kept us and seen us through that time. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

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  4. I understand and appreciate your frustrations with our health care system. Too many, with legitimate needs, must jump through too many hoops to receive proper care.

    The Native American quote is powerful. Solutions are at our fingertips if only others would jump on board to help us.

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