Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow #cancer #faith #God


These photos were taken at Eastwood park in Dayton, Ohio. The orange red flowers was taken outside the hospital were my Mother had her procedure.

Yesterday, I took my Mother for her PET scan. Then, me and Caleb went to a nature park while she was having the procedure done. The PET scan was 3 hours long and by Monday we will know the results. She was informed that it was a $250.00 copay but they would help her with financial assistance when she gets the insurance bill. *Keep in mind that it has been nearly a month since she has worked.* This is why we see so many working retired Senior citizens. Her Social Security retirement currently pays her home mortgage. (real life/real news).

We prayed together in the parking lot prior to the procedure. Overall I feel more peaceful everyday knowing that God is in control. I except His will.

Reading Isaiah 65 today, I know what “we” “all” have to look forward to. Yes, I believe every Word and “warning”. I pray for us all🙏

~ I’m ready to fly ~


  1. Don’t let the cost of things get inside your head. God makes a way out of no way. Then, no one will be turned away. As well, I don’t know about receiving SSI, cancer qualifies as a disability which should entitle your mother to state health insurance, which covers way more than paid for insurance. Thanks for allowing us to journey with you and pray with you. hugs and love

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