A Divine Plan #poetry #prayer #thoughts

I still remember the moment I took this photograph in 2014. So many paths and life choices since then.

~ Divine Plan ~

My God, the knower of my fate,

teach me with your Spirit to not

lean toward hate.

A divine plan you have always

had, from the beginning moment of

time. How could I ever think of that

as being unkind?

Dateless past, keeper of power

so great and the creator of man.

Teach me with your Spirit

to exercise my faith according to

your divine plan.

This past week I began a new routine of prayer and fasting every morning. The spiritual results have been amazing and it is true that if we draw near to God He will draw near to us! 💞💖

One of those mornings I was knelt by my bed and just lost in thought thinking about my Mother’s cancer diagnosis. The Holy Spirit directed me to my birth photo on my nightstand. Then, the realization hit me …the Doctor’s last name that delivered me and my Mother’s Oncologist last name was exactly the same. I felt a very loving and gentle reminder from Abba .. there is a time for birth and death. Reaching the acceptance stage of grief through the Spirit of God has made this life path so much easier. 💞💖


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