Love & Miracles #cat #love #miracles

I’ve experienced three miracles in less than a weeks time. The #1 is my Mom’s news from her Oncologist. Most know that she was told she had cancer in August. She has been doing mild chemo every Monday and radiation Monday – Friday. She has now been told that the cancer site is shrinking! We are thankful for all that have stood in agreement for this pre Christmas miracle! πŸ™‚

Our second miracle…she is eye balling the tree. Me and Caleb wanted a pet last week. We decided on a kitten/cat. In less than 24 hours via my niece’s friend we adopted a little girl kitten. The family had named her ZuZu. I Googled the name and it is the same as the character George Bailey’s youngest daughter in; It’s a Wonderful Life. She states in the movie; “My teacher says everytime a bell rings an angel gets it’s wings”. So, because she is our early Christmas gift we kept her given name. She was born in June and is 6 months old now.

This is ZuZu in June:


Ok, third miracle…I had a pair of bluetooth ear buds. Several months ago it was as if they just vanished and because they were expensive I could not replace them 😦

In Caleb’s room he has a small Christmas tree that is used as his night light (year round…he loves Christmas). The other night I went to plug it in like I always do. Hanging from the tree was the bluetooth ear buds…just like another Christmas gift! πŸ™‚

Jesus is so amazing! He cares about “all” the things that are important to us…big & small!

Hope your holidays are amazing and filled with love!


  1. Marjorie, I loved reading about your three miracles – how wonderful. Best wishes with ZuZu – she is beautiful. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love, RA

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  2. Amen! The news about your mother is wonderful news. Thanks be to God for this miracle. I will continue to pray for her.

    I always enjoy watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” and I can remember little ZuZu’s famous lines near the end of the film.

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