Healthy Choices #apples #oranges #tomatoes

Now that December Holiday eating has passed me and Caleb are filling our fruit basket. Time to get back on track with healthy eating. Those of you that continued to eat healthy through out December…you amaze me 🙂

This week we have focused on apples, oranges and tomatoes. It is just me and him so I buy a bit at a time so none goes to waste. We haven’t forgotten the veggies but on this blog post I will focus on the fruit.

⬆️Source: Food in Sight

The apples we love with salad and slices with peanut butter.

⬆️Source: Juicing for Living

We also love orange segments with salad too. I love the aroma of the orange peel! Sliced, broken down in segments or juiced we love❤️

⬆️ Source: Top 10 Home Remedies

We enjoy tomatoes with salad, juiced and even ate whole. During January we are going to be eating more salads. Before Spring I am hoping to see the results of our healthy choices. On Fridays we always have pizza night. Friday night pizza will continue but with added veggies 🙂.

Goal: More fruits, vegetables, added walking and increased water intake. Not to mention, cardio exercises.


    1. This is true. I have definitely had to rework my food budget. My favorite fruit this month has been Bartlett pears. A full bag at Walmart under $3.00 and tastes like the sweet juicy pears my Grandmother had in her backyard. Also, Walmarts naval oranges are .69¢ a piece. For vegetables we like the salad kits the best. I put the whole bag in a resealable bowl and add our favorites; mushrooms, onions, garlic cloves.., I no longer have a large family to feed so that makes a difference too. It is now just me and Caleb.


    1. There is a large bottle of V8 juice called “healthy greens” the bottle states no sugar added. Not sure if this would affect your blood sugar. The color is green and it tastes better than it looks. 🙂

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  1. ahhh… I so miss oranges. With an allergy to citrus (and all things related) I’m forever trying other vitamin C fruits in season.

    I love apples. Tomatoes…more than a few slices a week gives me mouth ulcers but I’m slowly introducing them back into my diet.

    Great post Marjorie!

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