A Visit to Appalachia #appalachia #appalachian #culture

On Monday, my Mom, me and Caleb visited our hometown area. I grew up in S.E. Ohio on the Ohio river. This area of Ohio borders West Virginia and Kentucky. My hometown Ironton, Ohio is part of the Appalachian region. I currently, live in Fairborn, Ohio on the outskirts of Dayton, Ohio. Hard to imagine the cultural difference less than 200 miles from my current address.

Ohio River

Caleb got to visit with his neurologist in Huntington, West Virginia. Then, we crossed back over the river into Chesapeake, Ohio. We drove through the back roads of Chesapeake checking out the By Pass status that will come through in the near future. Me and my boys lived in the hills of Chesapeake, Ohio for 11 years and 5 months at the same address. I’m a gun owner now but at the Chesapeake address I never owned a gun. Many times I left windows open and very seldom did I lock my door (truth).

Appalachia Sky Pics

Well, Caleb was happy because he knew we would not leave the area without purchasing a Italian sub from Giovannis :-). We stopped at the Ironton location and ordered us all an Italian sub. They literally brought it out to our car before I had a chance to go in to get it. So friendly and such a hometown feeling every place we went. We took our subs down to the Ironton river bank and relaxed.

Ironton, Ohio Riverbank

By the way, my hometown hosts the oldest running Memorial Day parade in the United States.

So nice to spend the day with my Mom. Wonderful to spend a day away from city life :-). Every place we went, we were greeted by friendly waves…such a good feeling! Here in the city if you just wave at someone just to be friendly, they look at you like; “Do I know you!?”

Enjoy your day today! When you get the chance to to leave city life behind (even for a day), do it! ๐Ÿ™‚


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