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Beating the Odds

The American Dream: The ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American. Allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved. -Oxford dictionary

Update on my Mom’s cancer diagnosis: She beat the odds! In January she got to ring the bell after her last treatment and they gave her a certificate of completion. Her treatment plan was: Mondays mild chemo and Monday-Friday radiation. She will have to have check ups for the rest of her life. For now, all visible signs of the tumor that was the size of two of the Doctor’s fists has disappeared. A true miracle and blessing!

She has spent the last few weeks getting her strength back and fighting the feeling of nausea. Each day she feels physically better.

Now, that she has beat cancer the medical bills are arriving. One turned into collections while she was waiting to hear back from Veteran Services and reaching out to other agencies for help.

I believe this month is her 22nd or 23rd year with the same employer. In August she will be “70” and sees no way to retire because of the accumulation of medical bills.

(The Economist)

It is as if she got punished for having cancer. As a cancer survivor she has to reexamine her finances in all areas. Any retirement savings is used for mortgage, utilities and medical expenses. All of which is happening while your not able to work.

Yeah, maybe your reading this thinking this doesn’t affect me. One day it will. Before you know it, if your not already a senior citizen; you will eventually have that label. By the way, Social Security just shaved $30-$40 off in January and she has no idea why.

Personally, I’m a optimist. Our healthcare system and the way we treat any citizen that reaches out for resources has to change. A medical emergency or medical diagnosis shouldn’t lead to bankruptcy! I pray for my country daily πŸ™. I’m very hopeful that I will get to see positive change in my lifetime πŸ™‚

I will always believe in miracles & have hope!


  1. It is great news that your mother is doing well for now. The sad part is that someone who has nothing gets free medical care. Those who are working and trying to make ends meet have to forfeit any savings they have to pay medical bills. I pray that your mother finds some help with the bills.

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