Emerging Forward #covid19 #forward #thoughts

I had to leave my home today to take care of rent. I didn’t go into any buildings. The bank now is only drive throu. So, I got my money order through the bank and dropped it in the rental manager’s box. Rode through Fairborn, Ohio and over through Beaver Creek, Ohio. Me and my son did not leave the vehicle. I was most amazed at all of the traffic! It is very obvious that many are not following the Stay at Home order. The President is 100% correct, there is going to be some painful weeks ahead.

It is true tough times don’t last, tough people do though. Tough people are smart, have a clear sense of integrity and know how to thoughtfully emerge forward.

*I thank God for his mercy daily ♥️🙏*


  1. No, the Stay at Home order is until May 1st here in Ohio. The change would be crazy Americans protesting at their State Capitals to open States back up. According to Federal guidelines that would be 14 days with no new cases. Opening back up will be done in three phases. I will view all this from the safety of my home🙂. Many don’t understand that more than most likely this is man made by the CCP (Yes, I believe that). So, we don’t know enough about Covid-19 to believe it will just disappear. I don’t care what they reopen. I’m continuing to follow safety guidelines. Thankfully, me and my family continue to be healthy 🙂. Hope all is well in your area of the world ♥️🙏

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