Inform #facts #inform #newsmedia


1. Give someone facts or information; tell.

2. Give an essential or formative principal or quality to.


Our mainstream news no longer informs us. They will take a “clip” from a whole and work their narrative around what fits their hidden political agenda. Not to mention, their inciting and glorifying violence in the process. When I watch the news, I want to see and hear the facts. Instead, I have to go online and look at the “whole” footage from amateur reporters! This really reveals how corrupt our mainstream news media has gotten. I look forward to many future positive changes within our so called news media.

Mulberry tree in my backyard 💚

On a lighter note, me and Caleb enjoyed some fresh air on a beautiful day here in Ohio 🙂. A gentle refreshing thought crossed my mind when we were outside today, “Nothing will stay hidden, the truth will be revealed.” I believe that!

Pray & Fast


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