A Trip to the Park #nature #ohio #park #relax

George Rogers Clark Park – Springfield, Ohio

Me and Caleb visited George Rogers Clark Park in Springfield, Ohio. For the most part it was relaxing. There was a few individuals that was obviously not there to relax and enjoy nature (currently, our world). However, I was able to leave feeling more relaxed and with some nature photos.

We spotted a bird nest and we could hear babies chirping ❤️
This was a beautiful July day to enjoy nature.
I love taking a break from city life 💞
Ahhh, we found some shade.

We ate our lunch here and relaxed listening to the sounds of nature. I could literally feel my shoulders relaxing minus all the city noise.

Caleb still carries around his Easter bag filled with empty containers (he can be a bit of a hoarder 😄). He enjoyed ball play and nature’s peacefulness.

Hope everyone is enjoying your Summer even if you have to rearrange your schedule 🙂.

~Have a timeout!~

Deuteronomy 28:6


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