Shellabarger Park #life #ohio #outdoors #park

Shellabarger Park, Riverside, Ohio

Yes, another park visit šŸ™‚. As city renters me and Caleb don’t get to experience this degree of relaxation in our small backyard. We had lunch here earlier in the week. Caleb with ball in hand was trying to decide between lunch first or ball play.

Clouds rolling in

After lunch Caleb was beyond ready to introduce his ball to the open field. From the outside this park looks small but there is a huge open field to play in, playground equipment, shelter, grills, basketball court, older tennis area and paved walkway all around the park.

Caleb got in a lot of exercise

More clouds began to move in and the wind blended in with the environment. I decided to relax in the grass while he enjoyed the open field.

Wind speed picking up and clouds going dark

Well, we enjoyed the afternoon but looks like it was time to go. Very thankful for all the parks and recreation in our surrounding area. Me and Caleb’s next life goal is home ownership. I’ll trust God’s wisdom, knowledge and timing for a better backyard experience.

Romans 11:33-36


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