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Enon Park – Enon, Ohio

Last week me and Caleb spent early afternoon at Enon Park. A lot has been done to this park over the years. At quick glance the park looks small. However, there is shelters, playground, skate park area, walking trail, grills and lots of room to play ball.

Caleb enjoying ball

Caleb enjoyed the large play area and I liked the paved walking area. The day was to beautiful to just visit one park. So, we decided to pack up and head to George Rogers Clark Park.

Enon Park
Enon Park
George Rogers Clark Park – Springfield, Ohio

I’ve described this park before on the Blog and today was just another impressive day at the park. Wonderful areas to explore and the plant life is eye capturing. Much to explore and discover along the trails. I could have gotten photos of these three beautiful horses coming off the trail and out of the woods. However, I have a slight fear of horses. I froze and missed what would have been some great captures. The ladies riding them stopped and let Caleb pet them (he is not afraid of horses). It is really wonderful that parks are available to families. I hope your enjoying your surrounding parks too!

We enjoyed our day!
Eye Capturing

It’s nearly the end of Summer & I hope your finding ways to enjoy your Summer too!

*Isaiah 58:11*

The End of Summer

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