Caesar Creek & Birthday Thoughts #birthday #nature #park #thoughts

Labor Day Weekend 2020 Ceasar Creek State Park: Waynesville, Ohio

Me and my family drove to Ceasar Creek State Park for a relaxing holiday get away. We gathered in the campground and I believe we had the nicest spot. This campsite was on top of a hill with a large shelter, grills, huge fire ring area and a path through the woods that went to the edge of the lake. I love coming to this park! Sunday was such a beautiful day and many boats out on the lake. I want a boat!

My sister got the fire going!

So much room for the kids to play and explore. Without exception we we’re a happy bunch! It was nice to see many other families out making memories too.

Labor Day Weekend 2020

Caleb got lots of exercise and kept wondering when he could roast marshmallows. Nothing more relaxing than resting near a log fire surrounded by nature sounds.

Ceasar Creek Beauty

I feel sorry for city kids that have spent most of the Summer stuck at home. Parks are free for families, yet not everybody takes the time to create healthy lifelong memories as a family. The Summer is not over! Go explore!

The trail leading to the lakes edge

Summer is not over till September 22nd! I know some feel it is over after Labor Day Weekend. Yet, as of today there is still two weeks left.

Time to roast marshmallows!

I wanted to help Caleb but he insisted that he wanted to do it himself. He is always most relaxed when he is out in nature too. We stayed till after dark, then we reluctantly headed home.

Last year’s Birthday cake

Today is my Birthday “52”! Last year I created a waterfall cake. This year I didn’t want to do homemade everything because it is time consuming. This year, the plan is easy & casual.

Deep dish pizza/greek stuffed olives & honey barbeque chicken wings
September 8, 1968 & onward!

I believe we all have come along way this year. The year that feels like four rolled into one! Also, seems like a shift towards the good. Keep the faith, trust God and keep moving forward!

~Psalms 91~


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