Visiting Ceasar Creek #family #nature #outdoors #park

Ceasar Creek (Waynesville, Ohio)

Last week me and my family decided to make a return trip back to Ceasar Creek. Leaves have been falling but there is still the green of Summer left to view. This is a beautiful huge park to explore.

Caleb is ready to explore!

We discovered a awesome cookout area surrounded by woods, trails and a view of the lake. My sister prepared the grill while the rest of us started walking the trail towards the lake.

Nature Walking
Beautiful walk out platform 😍
Beautiful trails with lake views ❀️
Time to eat!

My sister planned the whole dinner. She even brought homemade brownies and homemade peanut butter fudge πŸ˜‹. Happy I took a before dinner walk!

God’s Creation 😍

*Take time to create family moments. Those family moments become lifelong memories!

Hope everyone is staying well and finding the time to get outdoors πŸ™‚.

End of the day & we’re tired! As it should be ❀️

Ephesians 6:10-19


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