ZuZu & Zelda #cats #kitten #pets

Zelda ❤️

I’ve shared ZuZu on the Blog before. Now, let me introduce you to Zelda. Zelda was born on Mother’s Day and we adopted her July 27th. I had no intentions on adopting another cat but couldn’t believe how much she looked like ZuZu. The photo above is her in the pet carrier. Did I mention she was a bit feral? Well, her first night was in the carrier because she would not allow you to touch her. It took a few days but she began to mellow out. Caleb wanted to name her “Happy” but I didn’t think it quite fit with her personality. So, came across the name “Zelda” which also means “Happy” and it just fit her!

ZuZu ❤️

ZuZu was not “happy” with the new addition to the family 😂.

ZuZu & Zelda ❤️

ZuZu is a introvert and Zelda is a extrovert. Zelda follows ZuZu everywhere. I still can’t get over how much they look alike!

ZuZu & Zelda(bonding)

ZuZu has excepted her and is even protective with her. They snuggle now and ZuZu even gives Zelda bathes.


The gentleman we got Zelda from worked long hours and got home late. He warned me about the “feral” part before I picked her up. Now, nearly three months later and we have no regrets. This is our last cat adoption. When I seen her for the first time she just looked like a clone to ZuZu, that is what hooked me.

ZuZu ❤️

On my Pinterest (Marjorie’s Mix) Zuzu’s above photo has earned the most repins❤️


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