Election 2020 USA #Election #USA #America

Well, it is election night and the whole world is watching with us. Me and Caleb was blessed today to not stand in a long line. Seems that our nation had historical early voting this election. Also, happy to report no drama at the election site. Everything was relaxed and pleasant (I prayed before I went 🙂).

I ignore the MSM🙂

Everyone keeps saying that our nation is divided. That is why I’m hoping for a landslide victory tonight. I’m hoping it will not be a close race, that would show division. I’m really hoping for historical unity tonight. I love my Country ❤️🇺🇸❤️


I live in Ohio and there is an Election motto: “As Ohio goes so goes the nation.” In a few hours we will all know more. God Bless the USA! ❤️🇺🇸❤️


      1. It must be private because I can’t view it on the wordpress app. Also, it looks like it has given me permission to change the content..not sure why. Yes, deep thoughts for America.

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      2. I changed the settings. I’m not sure what the permission thing is. Obviously I’m still working on it. Hope you liked it.

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      3. I thought about trying a place where I can let my thoughts out and hopefully people will understand… it’s hard enough on the main blog this one is more personal.

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