Election 2020 #election #fraud #USA

Well, we’re definitely divided in the “United” States of America. Regardless of what the msm says we don’t have a President elect. We have a contested election and the msm doesn’t elect a President. It is a shame that our election has turned out to look like a third world country holding a election. At this point, I wonder if we will ever know the “true” results. However, in January a determination will be made.

I’ve decided to relax and not stress over all the political division šŸ™‚. Stress weakens the immune system! I know it is tempting to stay on top of the news but please take breaks šŸ˜‚. The news station I have been following is NewsMaxTv. They are delivering honest reporting and have a firm grasp on the reality of our constitution. Whatever is decided, God is in control šŸ™‚.

That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. ~ ICorinthians 2:5 ~

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