Beautiful Ohio Day! #backyard #faith #outdoors


Got up this morning, left the TV off and spent quality time with God. After I finished with work responsibilities I headed outdoors! The sun was shining and I even got some windows cleaned.

Squirrel munching area

When I came out I scared the squirrel off that was munching on a walnut. So, I left two cashews nearby. I love watching the squirrels through the kitchen window. Today was so beautiful and seemed like a teaser for spring.

Picnic Area

I am really looking forward to Spring and Summer here! I was walking around today getting ideas for the garden area too. It continued to feel great to leave the news turned off and focus on home activities!

I hope your finding other things to focus on than the news too! Today I didn’t check the news (not msm) till after 6pm. Media breaks are essential… even therapeutic. This is a great time of the year to plan a home project. Spring is closer than you think and pre-planning those ideas gives you a feeling of optimism for your future.

Before I end this post I will share a piece from my devotional that I read today. This comes from “Streams in the Desert” by: L. B. Cowman. It was originally published in 1925. It comes at the end of the devotion for January 15th:

Tread in solitude your pathway,

Quiet heart and undismayed.

You will know things strange, mysterious,

Which to you no voice has said.

While the crowd of petty hustlers

Grasps at vain and meager things,

You will see a great world rising

Where soft sacred music rings.

Leave the dusty road to others,

Spotless keep your soul and bright,

As the radiant ocean’s surface

When the sun is taking flight.

from the German of V. Schoffel


  1. The Lord gave us nature for a reason. I’m long overdue!

    I never have any luck with gardens… my wife and I tried a back porch garden last year where we grew tomatoes and peppers in pots. We got a few tiny tomatoes and the peppers acted like they were going to die until fall and they started putting out.

    I might grow some mint or something…. hard to kill that stuff..

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  2. Yes, now is a good time to plan vegetable and flower gardens. My husband has a wonderful garden every spring/summer. Some meals we eat contain only vegetables from our garden. We try to eat healthy.

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