Winter & Thoughts of Spring #winter #seasons #spring

Taken at George Rogers Clark Park in Springfield, Ohio.

Those that know me know that I’m not a cold weather person. I love to see snow on Christmas Day but that is it. To get through the Winter season in Ohio, I focus on Spring’s return.

Taken in Enon, Ohio

I was just listening to the meteorologist and next week we have a arctic cold front coming in. By Sunday we will drop to 16° and their predicting a possible -20 to come with the cold front. Nearly, too much for me to imagine! I would rather imagine Spring.🙂

Dandelions & Chalk Art with Caleb

Last Spring we was stuck indoors more because of the virus and apartment living. Now, that we have a house in the country we are excited to greet Spring this year. I’m currently thankful that I can create gardening plans!

Spring Rising

The Spring Rising photo is probably my favorite Spring image that I have taken. If you live in a cold weather area too and not fond of the cold… just focus on Spring. This is a good time to plan garden ideas too.

The first day of Spring is next month!💓


    1. Sometimes we get it in April. No, I wouldn’t be cut out for Colorado winters. I was going to buy a electric blanket today at Walmart and they were sold out. I’m looking forward to the Arctic cold front to pass through and be gone! 🙂

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    1. Yes, we’re still getting snow here (Fairborn, Ohio outside of Dayton, Ohio). Temperatures are going to drop into the single digits in a few days. Continuing to countdown toward warmer weather ☺️


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