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Snow Storm Arrived in Ohio

This week has to be better than last week! First, my back decided to try to go out of place. This took several days of being extremely cautious with my movement to make it through (today I am better). My sister even invited me and Caleb to a seafood restaurant (❤️) I couldn’t make it. That was last Sunday.

Then, our phones were getting alerts for the snow storm coming on Monday. Our propane tank looked low so I called and asked for $130 worth(I didn’t want to be snowed in with no heat). In December we paid $179 for propane. I told the lady at the company I was concerned about the cost because she said the price would go up in the winter. She told me not to worry they wouldn’t let us freeze. So, in January I paid $301 and I kept the thermostat between 70° – 71°. Even though I was a established customer, unless I gave them $209 they would not send anybody. I was in complete disbelief! I didn’t want anything for free. I had $130 and didn’t get paid again till Thursday. Not to mention, propane is not our only utility. The manager woman over that office would not budge not even with a snow storm on the way. Pure evil without a ounce of human compassion! So, thankfully the propane tank is owner owned. Got a new propane company for $205 will have more delivered than what the previous company offered (Praise God!). To get through I have kept the thermostat on 67°. So, when you hear about Americans freezing to death.. just know some utility companies show “no” mercy. My heart breaks for those that have froze during this storm. America is a rich Country and no one should freeze to death!

On Wednesday we were covered in snow and the temperature that morning was 1°. I left the kitchen faucet dripping with the doors under the sink left open. Yet, that morning the water pipe leading in from the garage was nearly frozen. I heated up the tea kettle and saturated rags in boiling water to place on that area of pipe. Then, got the kerosene heater ready for the garage (a container of kerosene at Walmart is $21). The kerosene heater was expensive and only purchased for an emergency.. this was an emergency. Thankfully, the pipe loosened up! The lessons learned last week will stay with me forever.

Yesterday my back was finally feeling back to normal. All seemed well and back on track. Then, my youngest (my baby) called me from the Army. He is getting sent out of the Country, to a totally different area of the world. I trust God and for whatever reason it is within God’s plan. He could be away a year and I haven’t seen him since July 2019. I was really hoping we would see him in April. 😢

Today, the family is emotionally preparing for my Mom to go into surgery. My sister just texted and she is prepped and waiting on Anesthesiologist plus Doctor.

Last January she rang her cancer bell after she took her last chemo treatment. She defeated cancer! Then, the world found out about Covid-19. Thankfully, none of us got Covid-19…so far she beat that too! However, she is stubborn and very independent. So, two Mondays ago she decided to go retrieve the trash containers instead of letting someone else do it. She fell on ice and needed a ambulance. On her right shoulder she completely shattered the bone that looks like a ball and connects to the arm. She has to get a artificial one because it is shattered. Please remember her in your prayers 🙏.

I am a optimistic person by nature. So, I am going to focus on better days coming! I hope you do too ❤️


  1. First of all, I am sending prayers for your mom to have a successful surgery on her shoulder. We have had snow and very cold weather here in central Illinois. Everyone is looking forward to spring! Sorry about your problems with purchasing propane. Take care of yourself.

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    1. Thank you, Ruth. Much appreciated 🙂. Her surgery ran a bit longer than expected because she lost more blood than expected. So, tomorrow the Doctor will recheck her to decide if she will need a blood transfusion. It was a full shoulder replacement. She is 70 and with her medical history this was a lot for her to go through. Hopefully, all will be better now.


  2. Sending prayers to you and your family! I hope your mum’s surgery is successful and she makes a quick recovery – it sounds like she’s one strong lady! Take care and stay safe! X

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