Tortoiseshell Cats (Torties)

ZuZu and Zelda have been featured on the Blog before. They are my rescue cats. ZuZu will be 2 years old in June and Zelda will be 1 year old on Mother’s Day.

Tortoiseshell or Torties refers to the cats coating and doesn’t refer to a breed. Almost all tortoiseshell cats are female. Only 1 out of 3,000 will be male and they are usually sterile. Torties can live around 10-15 years. They have a spicy attitude and a huge personality.

Recently, they both got a bath and new collar. ZuZu did pretty good but Zelda was like trying to bath a wild animal.

She liked her new collar 😻

As the pet owner of two, I can tell you that they have to be the most stubborn that exists! Litter training was easy but training to follow all other house rules is nearly impossible. Which is surprising because they are very intelligent. They even pick up on the English language to the point of using it. Believe it or not ZuZu has yelled “Mom!” when she was adjusting to being put in a cat cage (3- story cat playpen) at night. Both of them will talk back to you (cat language) when asked a question. The way they volcalize is amusing, they sound nothing like a “typical” cat.

Well, Zelda got her bath and new collar too. Currently, she has her bow that was on the collar ripped off.

She was not happy with the bath and new collar 😾

I have read that folklore from all over the world states that they bring good luck to their owners. I wasn’t feeling lucky while bathing Zelda 😆




*My personal experience as a cat owner- “Mom”


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