Life & Everything In-between

Life, oh my…

I tell you, this has been a whack the mole sort of past week. Seemed like everytime I accomplished a task another popped up. Decided to just hire a lawn service to begin the Spring mowing. What a headache that has turned into. I finally decided on LawnStarter. I seen that they had a local Google address that I could just drive to if I ran into any issues. Well, I had to agree to at least “3” mowings. What I didn’t realize was there is also a $10 service charge. Not to mention, if you cancel you can get charged for a mowing that you never received. So, when I get a email asking why I cancelled (I didn’t!) I reached out to them to let them know I didn’t. Also, learned in this process that the local office is just a satellite office (no one to personally see). They finally sent a new crew and I rated the new crew 5 stars because it wasn’t their fault what I had been through. LawnStarter has “not” called me once. I’m Looking forward to that 3rd mow!

Surely has been ✔️

I learned last night that the strip by my neighbors fence that I told the lawn crew not to do is mine too. I knew they mowed it in November so I just thought it was theirs. So, I get to add that one “little” strip to my to do list ✔️


During some typical Ohio Spring weather lightening hit a tree at the end of the backyard. The tree is actually on a different property owner. The lightening literally split this huge tree in half. I’m not a tree expert but I have to wonder when the other half is going to come down and in which direction.

Caleb relaxing with foam blocks

Caleb has been handling all the Spring excitement well 🙂.

All lined up. He just likes to flip them in his hand.

Well, I have developed a routine of looking out my kitchen window to see if the other half of the tree is standing 🧐. In that process, we were welcomed with a new surprise…

It’s Ground Hog Week! 🤣

Yeah, I know they are cute but they are a yards number 1 hated pest. My sister wants to name it and my brother wants to shoot it. I’m going to try to contact a nature park with rangers and see if they have a trap I can use to trap it for relocating. I definitely can’t garden with a groundhog. (adding to the to do list ✔️).

Cute but destructive

Then, my Baby Boy calls to let me know he’s packing to leave the Country. He may be gone 1-2 years😭.

My Baby 💕

The week finally ended with my niece’s 10 year old Birthday 🎉

Time to go to a Birthday party!
She has left the single digits behind!

Caleb has a hard time celebrating any Birthday that isn’t his😂.

She is so pretty 🤩❤️

Well, life has been busy and no thanks to Lawn Service issues I am running behind schedule. However, I know it will get better!🤣


    1. Marjorie, you have been one busy lady! We have a vegetable garden behind our house by the railroad. The only time we have ever had a ground hog, 2 actually, was a few years ago when we had a drought. They wanted the brussel sprouts. My husband looked up what to do about them. It said enclose plants with wire and cover with wire. Then put a wire fence into the ground 1 foot around the plants. It was so dry that wire fence would not go into the ground, so he laid the wire around the fencing and that worked. Stay well and healthy.

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      1. I know I’m going to have to take care of the groundhog before planting. I read on the Farmers Almanac that they can eat a pound and a half of vegetables a day.

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