Making Memories

Memorial Weekend 2021

Ohio has been having some crazy weather! A few days ago we were enjoying the 80° temperatures. Yesterday we dipped into the 40’s. 50’s today and 60’s tomorrow. We are beginning to head back in the right direction. 🤣

This is the weekend we remember and honor all the soldiers that have given their life for our Country and it’s freedom. May we never take that for granted. ❤️🇺🇸❤️


Finally, got released from the LawnStarter agreement! Whew! That was a horrible experience. Last week’s temperatures were so nice that it felt great to mow. Feeling grateful that I can complete this task every other week. We have been blessed to have a professional lawn service that comes on the in between week.

ZuZu & Zelda

I strolled ZuZu and Zelda out to the deck while I mowed. ZuZu was not happy about it and hid out in the litter box. Zelda on the other hand seemed to be in her element. She was feral when I got her and was behaving like she was ready to hunt. 🤣

Thank you, Jesus! 🙌
Eating in the backyard 💕

Last week had wonderful temperatures for relaxing in the backyard. So very happy to no longer live in a apartment.🙂

Early evening moon

After mowing, while relaxing on the deck I took these early evening moon shots.

Grilling time

Then, I fired up the grill. I’m really looking forward to me and Caleb’s Summer here. I hope your making memories with your loved ones too.💗


  1. As always, I enjoy seeing your photos. The weather in central Illinois has been crazy like yours, but it is starting to warm a little. We have a cat kennel outside for our two cats, Tillie and Tassie. They love being out in the fresh air and to watch the birds and squirrels. Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day.

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