God’s Rainbow

God’s Rainbow ❤️

The other day I was putting away groceries in the kitchen. Thinking about some of the news I had seen. Many online Preppers talking about different possible things that could or might happen. I know it is best to always be prepared but not to the point of living in fear. Anyways, I happened to look out the kitchen window and seen the most gorgeous rainbow. I fealt a genuine peace flow over me. Yes, I know the rainbow was concerning a world wide flood. However, I still had a calmness come over me that only comes from God. Come whatever may, I will trust God.

God’s Rainbow

It looks as if He created it slow, Oh, what a beautiful show! So, you think that is your rainbow? Don’t you really know that the God of the highest Heaven loaded up them colors? You think you have growed as your eyes touch those remarkable colors. Ah, it is just a glow of a heavenly flow to display such a magnificent show. You should know Man once crawled upon the highest mountains to try to escape God’s flood. So, perhaps Man can take some credit for God’s Rainbow.

God’s Rainbow

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