Apple Butter Festival

Apple Butter Festival Enon, Ohio

On Saturday we went to the Apple Butter Festival in Enon, Ohio. Caleb had been preparing for this all week. Finally, Saturday arrived and we were heading in the direction of the festival. Turned out to be another beautiful Ohio day.

It was very family oriented and many families showed up to enjoy one of this areas favorite festivals. I like that they don’t allow alcohol and it is kept family friendly.

Caleb wanted the deep fried cheesecake 😂. However, I told him we would stick with the funnel cake.

Funnel Cake

Is it possible to go to a festival and not get funnel cake? Even though Caleb is autistic, he prepared for this all week and did very good at the festival.

The festival was so busy and there was so much to see. I put us on a budget before going. Yet, is was difficult not to check out the many vendors. So much creative art on display too.

World’s best root beer

Caleb surprised me…he wanted to buy everything he seen😂. Yeah, we had to have the world’s best root beer.

Then, his eyes seen a Buzz Light Year necklace.

Apple & honey stand

Then, he picked out a candy apple.

Apple Butter

Before we left we purchased our hot jar of apple butter. I literally heard the jar seal in the car. I hope you have enjoyed your Summer and beginning of Fall too!


  1. Your Apply Butter Festival looks like fun. Yesterday we went to the Covered Bridge Festival is Indiana. It was especially fun since it was not held last year due to Covid. A lot of people were there, and it was a fun day.


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