Ends & Beginnings

Dinner in the backyard ❤️

Returning after a long social media break. I even avoided news as much as possible. My family enjoyed the ending of Summer together. Now, we are welcoming Fall and continue to have great weather here in Ohio for grilled dinners in the backyard. Taking a social media break was a good decision. I’m back and feel recharged!

Our Tortoise Shell cats

ZuZu and Zelda enjoyed more attention too. I would not recommend Torties(Tortoise Shell) to first time cat owners. They are very self willed and keep me on my toes🤣.

I believe I see light at the end of the tunnel.

Regardless of what I see on the news, I will remain hopeful. I believe that God is always in charge. Focus on the positive and know that everything will get better. Keep your eyes on God not Man! I woke up this morning and read Psalm 94 out loud. Vengeance always belongs to God and He will take care of the wicked. Do not lose faith!

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  1. We currently have two sister cats – Tillie and Tassie. Tillie is a calico and Tassie is tortie/tabby. She is our first tortie out of 12 cats we have had during our marriage. Tassie can be very loving one minute and spooked and scared the next minute. When it storms, she hides and is very nervous. She is beautiful and definitely keeps us on our toes. Your cats are both beauties – hope they are doing well.


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