Blessed & I Know It!

Ohio has continued to have beautiful sunny days. Most of our day today was outside absorbing up all the sun. This morning I was enjoying my coffee outside when I noticed something walking on the fallen tree in the backyard. A wild cat! Well, maybe a dropped domestic cat. It would not let me get too near and it took off into the woods.

Caleb brought out a bucket of balls and enjoyed some backyard time too. I’m not looking forward to the colder days ahead. Trying to emotionally prepare myself πŸ˜‚.

It was too beautiful of a day not to pull out the grill. I do not believe I have ever grilled out as much as I have in 2021. We are so happy to no longer live in the city.

While the grill was heating up I noticed my neighbors had wild guests in their backyard. I just love Ohio’s wildlife ❀️

Burgers on the grill! Love that aroma of beef cooking on a charcoal grill. However, deer burgers is wonderful tooπŸ˜‡

Check out all that green! Ohio really is beautiful. I do not take anything for granted and thank Jesus daily for our blessings. The house here is not fancy. It is a older country home built in 1955. I moved here from a more modern townhouse in the city. I do not miss city living!

We decided to end the evening with grilled smores. Hope you had a wonderful weekend in your area of the world and a blessed week ahead.❀️

By Marjorie

Hello & welcome! I'm a Mother, Blogger and life juggler. I was born in 1968 and raised in SE Ohio (Appalachia). I have three sons: Caleb born in 1991, Charles born in 1996 and Corbin born in 2001. I'm a full time Mother to Caleb (autistic) and have been working at the same Home Healthcare agency since 2014. Some of my other sites are: MeWe: Marjories Mix MyselfNi Facebook: Marjorie Davis Instagram: Marjorie Myselfni You can reach me via email here at the Blog or message me via Telegram messaging app (Marjorie's Mix). I look forward to checking out your blog too!

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It is good to see you enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Winter is hard on everyone when staying inside so much. I have laundry, housework, cooking, etc to keep me busy. My husband on the other hand does not have hobbies and gets very bored in the winter. We need to find something for him to do. I am so glad you and Caleb like where you are living now. I am happy for you.

Thank you 😊. Yes, the winter is hard even with housework. I’m just beginning to prepare for it in advance this year. The Hallmark channel is beginning Christmas movies on October 22nd πŸ€”πŸ™‚. Thinking we will put up our tree early this year. Keeping focused on all the positive aspects of colder weather… snowmen, snow angels, sledding..etc,.

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