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I began my New Year in January of this year by returning to Christ. Many things that had become a part of my life I knew I wanted to change. I wanted my choices to be centered around Jesus and as I made these changes the blessings began to flow. I had began my Pinterest account in 2012 so with all the other positive changes in my life I knew my Pinterest was getting ready to be updated by me. I had 330,000 monthly viewers and as I remodeled my Pinterest boards I watched those numbers decline till it reached 68,000 monthly viewers. Well, I took it to God and let God know no matter if that # registered a 0 I was going to be authentic and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. When I gave it to God and said this is yours nearly over night the monthly viewers began to increase. As of this writing, I now have 1.6 million monthly viewers on Pinterest. 🙂

obey-godContinue to obey God and be authentically you even when the numbers are declining because God is always in control! 🙂

July-4th-Pictures-Free3Freedom feels good in all areas of my life! Have a Happy 4th of July! 🙂



Red 40 #Additive #Hyperactivity #Health

9dbf77906c6ec6d8301758ef440cc4a2Have you heard of Red 40?

Red 40 is a certified color that comes from petroleum distillates or coal tars. (FDA) mandates that it has to be listed by name on food and product labels. Additives that don’t need to be specified on labels are called “exempt”.

Also, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) says food dyes pose rainbow of risks; cancer, hyperactivity and allergic reactions.

When my middle son Charles was in kindergarten I got called in for a teacher conference related to hyperactivity. We decided instead of rushing and getting a ADHD diagnosis for medication me and the teacher would focus our attention on the possibility that a food additive could be to blame. Sure enough every time he went from “normal” to an extra burst of uncontrollable energy Red 40 was always involved.

FB_IMG_1562206215383Charles with the big smile 🙂

So, took it out of our families diet. I learned that most processed food or candy that was the color red had Red 40 on the ingredient label. He began doing much better. Then, one morning the teacher’s assistant called and asked, “What did you feed him this morning?” She said he burst into the room and wanted to dance. I couldn’t understand it because I only gave him Ovaltine that morning. It was not red, and was an expensive choice for non breakfast eaters. I left her on the phone while I went to check the label  and sure enough there it was Red 40! I soon learned that it can also be found in pickles, over the counter medicine and a variety of non red foods. Regardless of color I always had to check ingredient labels.

Integrative Nutrition has an interesting article from September 2, 2016 called; Red 40 Side Effects. When my kids were younger not much was talked about concerning additives now the articles and in-depth research is astonishing. Some of the Red 40 side effects from the article: allergic reactions, hyperactivity, research has linked it with cancer, learning impairment, irritability and aggressiveness.


Makes you wonder, how many children are being treated medically as a result of an ingredient on a label?

Paid Surveys $ #Money #Paid #Survey


~Preparing to work at the laptop~

Have you heard of online surveys that pay you to complete them? Obviously, this is enticing and grabs your attention. Survey site sends you notices after you have registered for free to complete their surveys and they pay you to do this. Surveys can be from a few minutes of your time to 20 minutes of your time. Each survey usually gives you points. For example; after you have reached 1,000 points you can then cash out with PayPal for only a few minutes of your time.

Even though many bloggers are promoting this, I am not. This is not easy, takes up more than a few minutes of your time and I think I would rather sell my plasma than ever waste another minute of my time with a online “paid” survey. Tedious is an understatement with these online “paid” surveys. After two weeks I got a notice from one that in just 800 plus points I could receive my $10 via my PayPal. So, this blogger would rather promote the selling of your plasma. You then have done something good for science and in a few hours a month (one day) you have a bit of extra money to cover one of your utility bills. 🙂

I am going to end on a positive note 🙂 After spending a couple of weeks spamming myself via online paid surveys I now receive advertisements in my mail box that actually interest me. See, these surveys find out “everything” about you. Then, they/their affiliates can advertise to you. So, in my humble opinion 🙂 don’t waste your time with surveys. However, I am getting the kind of “junk” mail in my box now that does seem enticing. 🙂

Emotional Performers #Amusement #Insecure #Pondering

IMG_20190626_195048991Me caught pondering at age 25

I find myself pondering more the older I get. I have an INFJ personality so I am always trying to figure out situations and people. Always looking at life from all angles. With age comes wisdom and now my pondering comes with a unique perspective that I didn’t have in my younger days.

Now, when I deal with individuals I can clearly see and hear with an aged wisdom who is performing an emotional act based upon insecurities. Unlike when I was younger, I now can find the amusement of having to “temporally” deal with the emotional performers of life.


Emotional performers are like a super charged cloud filled with drama, insecurity and flow with negativity. They attempt to eclipse your sun but like all eclipses they are only “temporally” there. Have you noticed that insecure individuals are the loudest? Now, that I’m older I recognize it instantly as insecurity. Lastly, I believe it is absolutely amusing when an emotional performer has only accomplished amusement for all the observers.

20180908_194216Taken on my Birthday, age 50

If I could have given my younger self advice, I believe at the top of the list would be:

  1. Find the amusement in situations meant to anger you “smile”
  2. Do what makes your soul happy  🙂


Frugal Pizza Bread #Frugal #Pizza #Recipe

IMG_20190614_213308456     IMG_20190614_213501254

I love quick, easy and frugal recipes that are so easy to make that no recipe card is needed. This one I have been doing since my kids were young. Nice easy snack idea or add a salad on the side and make it a meal. All the ingredients are under $5.00 🙂  Kroger hamburger buns $1.25, Kroger generic cheese $1.89, Hunts Pasta Sauce $1.00 and your choice if you want to add spices or not. I like a bit of Italian seasoning and a touch of garlic powder or garlic salt. You do not have to add spice, the Hunts sauce is filled with it. Also, I used hamburger buns this time but any bread will work. Place bread in oven covered with sauce and cheese at 350 degrees until it is toasted the way you want it.

IMG_20190614_214315533     IMG_20190615_140140596

You can use a whole slice of cheese, half a slice or break it down into pieces. This recipe works well for picky kids that only want cheese and no other bulky ingredients. 🙂

IMG_20190615_140151018     IMG_20190615_140204907

    After 5-6 minutes of bake time or toasted to your own liking then, turn off bake temp and broil on high for 2-3 minutes. So easy, quick and even satisfies a picky eater for under $5.00!

Short Burst Champion! #Bitterness #Love #Stress

20150503_175110 (1)Photo by; Marjorie MyselfNi  Path through the forest…I’ve already rounded the corner…onward!

The older I get the more I realize not everything is as important as I once thought it was. For instance, the moment someone’s mask falls off right before your tear filled eyes, that moment that heartache begins to dissolve into bitterness. I realize now, that is the moment of acceptance, not the time to become entwined into their hate. That is the moment to acknowledge and forgive, that is the moment to celebrate the acknowledgment of their truth revealed.

The older I get, I understand that not all promises are kept. Yet, I feel much healthier and alive to just forgive and forget. With age comes wisdom and understanding. So, I realize not everything or everyone is as important as they would have you believe.

According to Google search, “stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. In short bursts, stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline.” To everyone that feels like a short burst champion, embrace and celebrate that inner strength!

The older I get, I no longer want to participate in emotional drama. I literally, visualize me handing it back to that person and walking away with the knowledge that I am not in control of them. However, I am in control of my feelings and emotions. I choose to embrace happiness, forgiveness and contentment. I am so thankful when truth is revealed. What began as a negative has entwined into a blissful positive. The older I get, the more I realize not everything or everyone is as important as they would have you believe.  🙂

Romans 12:21

Matthew 6:14-15

Matthew 5:44

Within all the Green #Poetic #Seasons #Thoughts

IMG_20190506_142159253.jpg Photos by: Marjorie MyselfNi 20180514_160719

Atlas, that time of year for all the seasonal green. Have you seen the plants of Spring leaning toward the green within Summer? 

IMG_20181219_152712944 Photos by: Marjorie MyselfNi   IMG_20181219_152727505_BURST000_COVER_TOP

I think it is so mean that Summer gives way to Fall then Winter. Have you seen the green of Summer lean toward the colder seasons? Now, I think there is a reason, for if  you look closer within the season, you’ll see the poetic lesson within all the green.   ~Marjorie MyselfNi~

seasons                                   6f5227874598715eb72c58d016b10368--scrapbooking-ideas-good-times




Love This ❤️

Roth Poetry


Some don’t fit the norm

Expectations run deep;

Thinking all should look exactly the same

Full of petals // one upon another

But what of the ones who don’t fit that form

With petals fragile and few // spread open wide

Some mutations occur without warning

Does it make them of less value or less beauty?

No // beauty doesn’t come in just one size and shape

Uniqueness brings a beauty all its own


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Frugal Comfort #BBQchicken #frugal #recipe



With all the weather drama, I decided me and Caleb needed some comfort food 🙂 As I said before, I cook with what I have on hand (the Appalachian way). This is very frugal, a whole pan of 6 boneless chicken thighs costs under $5.00 🙂



Preheat oven: 350, slice one onion, sprinkle with some garlic salt and add about a cup of water (nice broth). Then, cover with aluminum foil for 30 minutes. Bring out to cover with half of the sauce…


Yep, add all of this together to your liking. Obviously, the ketchup will be the main ingredient, a bit of mustard for the tangy flavor, ground paprika (I don’t measure) add what feels right to you and of course a bit of sugar to sweeten. Cover half of sauce with chicken then put chicken back in over for the last 30 minutes. Right before chicken is done, cover with the remaining sauce. Incredible aroma fills your home while this is baking 🙂

A frugal main dish under $5.00 fills me with comfort “smile”

Eyes On the Skies #Ohio #Sky #Weather

IMG_20190528_193452475View from my upstairs window. I live in one of the counties in Ohio were tornados touched down last night. Montgomery county took the biggest hits last night. However, in Celina, Ohio a life was lost. At 9am this morning my county; Greene, also declared a State of Emergency.

When the first alert crossed my phone, I ignored it. When the second came with the warning siren going off I knew something was happening. Turned to the news channels and checked my mobile phone, tornado crossing Montgomery and heading toward Greene county. I put Caleb in the under stairs closet and by this time hail is pounding the garage door, roof and windows. I wanted to get a quick look out the upstairs window but when I felt the stairs vibrating under my feet I decided to join Caleb immediately. I really thought from the sounds that the roof was going to come off. What seemed like eternity only lasted 2 minutes at the worse (a long 2 minutes). Thankfully, no damage and we did not loose our electric or water. Feel very thankful for all the prayers last night!

IMG_20190528_200139980 Now the area is being told that there is the possibility for more. One thing I know for sure is that I will not ignore the first alert ever again.