Keep Going! #endurance #reflection #waterfall

FB_IMG_1552836415360Photo by: Marjorie MyselfNi, taken at Charleston Falls Preserve, Tipp City, Ohio last year.

Me and Caleb went here last year after a few good days of rain. We were rewarded with the sight & sound of the fall. Not to mention, areas to relax and reflect. I felt a sense of endurance that day for how far I had come on my life journey. Now, getting ready to begin a new Summer I look forward to new life adventures. With a sense of optimistic endurance and just a slight backward glance to insightfully reflect on the past, I will keep moving forward! 🙂

Keep Going! Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations! The best is yet to come!

FB_IMG_1552836448643Photo by: Marjorie MyselfNi, Charleston Falls Preserve, Tipp City Ohio

Positive Outcome :-) #Blessed #Life #Positive

IMG_20190506_141919303IMG_20190506_142542401Backyard photos of: Caleb enjoying chalk art near the Spring honeysuckle bush, photo by; Marjorie MyselfNi

April 2018 I was in the process of moving from yet another bad neighborhood. With the heroin epidemic here it was difficult for a single parent family on a budget to find a safe and secure neighborhood.

     Found new address, signed lease, deposit down, utilities turned on in my name and following my sister to new address with our vehicles loaded down. Even though it was rainy it felt like a good day. One block from new address I get side-swiped at a yield sign that I had nearly crossed. Thankfully, no one was hurt. However, due to the verbal altercation between my sister and the person who she believed to be the actual driver that left the scene in a different vehicle, my sister did not want me in what looked like another bad neighborhood. I just couldn’t believe what started out as a perfect day could end so negative.

We called current new landlord and he was very understanding. Surprisingly, he was going to give me back my deposit. He did ask that I look at one more rental first. Well, I’ve been here over a year now. This one cost more but came with attached garage, added half bath, extra bedroom and most importantly no 911 calls related to drug activity.

IMG_20190401_164112683IMG_20190401_164838579_BURST001Caleb’s 28th Birthday (My April Fool’s Baby) 🙂

So, if it had not been for the accident, Me and Caleb would not have our current address. I thought the accident was negative but the whole time God was working behind the scenes. At this point in my life when something happens that I consider to be negative, I wonder what positive outcome God is going to turn it into :-). I have learned that God is “always” in control, even during those dark times when we “think” we are alone. This is living life and living life blessed 🙂

Wild Flowers #dandelion #memories #violets

IMG_20190421_160625288Photo by: Marjorie MyselfNi  on Resurrection Sunday 2019 at my Mothers

When I begin to see the dandelion among the wild violets in the Spring, I instantly remember Appalachian childhood memories. My Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Mother would use both of these plants in meals. My Great Grandmother would have the violets as part of a foraged salad that she would have on her table in the Spring when we would visit. My Grandmother and Mother would have me help gather the dandelion Spring leaves (the best time to eat them, when they are less bitter). After a mess (skillet filled) was gathered they would cook it with bacon remnants and grease. Very good and supplied free every Spring. Not to mention, some of the other dandelion uses; wine, jelly and tea.

IMG_20190421_160555544Photo by: Marjorie MyselfNi

Not only do the bees feed off the dandelion nectar but it is a favorite of ants as well.

“Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” (NIV Bible)

Feeling Blessed #prayer #blessings #gratefulness

IMG_20190406_235512107On the evening of March 21, 2019 I prayed that if there was any blockages on my finances that God would remove them. I also prayed that if there was anything in my life not of God that it would be removed also. I really felt at peace that evening and felt a sense that God was already moving on that prayer.

So, the next day I noticed many financial blessings happening all around me. My main employment is Home Healthcare and on some evenings I do food deliveries. Well, my second delivery that evening I give the customer his food and began to walk back to my car. He said, “come back please and give me your hand”. He placed money in my hand and told me not to look at it until I got in my car. He also stated that it was important for me to know that God wanted me to know I was blessed. It was a $100 bill! I was so thankful and knew that God had heard my prayer! That was my official confirmation 🙂

Oh yes! This story continues. Saturday morning after my Home Healthcare work I was cramping all morning. The pain became so severe that I called my Mom to let her know I was going to have to call an ambulance. Keep in mind I never get sick. The last time I was admitted to a hospital was when I gave birth in 2001. When my Mom got here she knew it was serious.

IMG_20190325_002029950After several tests and hours in “severe” pain that morphine did “nothing” for I found myself being told to prepare for surgery. My right ovary had a cyst that was 7cm. This was causing my ovary to twist on itself and was cutting off the blood supply to my fallopian tube. I cried all the way to surgery in pain and yet had Jesus very close in my thoughts. I feel strongly that my God was there. They took the right ovary from my left side, cyst and fallopian tube. Waking up in recovery, I was overwhelmed with gratefulness to be alive.

Now remember, my prayer wasn’t just about finances but also about God removing anything in my life not of him. The Doctor said that had been there for a long time growing. The $100 blessing covered my recovery time when I could not do deliveries. So, I continue to know I am blessed! 🙂


Missing You! #remembrance #Dad #memories

FB_IMG_1552836271432Me and my parents in 1968. My first pic taken with Dad. Taken in upstate New York because my Dad was with the Navy Base that was opened at that time off the coast. He finished his four years then we returned home to Ohio.

FB_IMG_1552837253272Still remember this dress and the feeling of pride to show my “Daddy” I got a Navy dress. Then, came my teenage years and our relationship was constant division. However, we mended those years and our relationship was stronger.

FB_IMG_1552837184005My Dad being silly with my oldest son Christmas 1992. My dad was 100% extrovert and he loved to joke with everyone. I can still remember his laugh and his optimism was contagious.

FB_IMG_1552837300829This is my last pic with my Dad. We found out in 2005 that there was nothing else the Doctors could do. My Dad’s heart was failing. In 2007 I lived about 170 miles away my Mom called and told me he had just passed. However, a nurse entered the room and said his heart was beating. So, Mom put the phone by his ear and I told him how much I loved him till the monitor stopped. 

Nearly, twelve years later and I still miss him. My Dad always said don’t be sad because I’m on my way to Heaven and I believe that!

Always let your loved ones know you love them.

James Franklin Dickerson 7-3-42 to 4-9-07

~Moments~ #butterfly #insight #life

IMG_20181101_125630787Photo taken by: Marjorie MyselfNi

I took this picture in the Fall of last year in Huntington, WV. I had not been there for a year. My life, my families life had changed so much in that year. What captured my attention was the image of a butterfly in the midst of the clouds. At least, this was my personal perspective because I no longer felt like a caterpillar. I love brief moments like that. The moment that focus turns into insight.

Honeysuckle #honeysuckle #photography #spring

FB_IMG_1548167475281Photo by: Marjorie MyselfNi

It is no secret that I am not fond of Winter. However, captured memories of Spring have me eager for the return of warmer weather here in Ohio. Viewing the picture I can nearly smell the aroma of the Honeysuckle. Not to mention, the buzzing bees that also love this wild food source. Some call it an invasive plant and yet to the bees this is forage. I celebrate it’s invasiveness for the survival of the bee. Thus, if you think you have an invasive plant growing around your home, ask yourself; Is this God created bee food? If the answer is yes, then, please do not treat it as a weed for the survival of the bee depends upon such a food source. 


Dream Journaling #Diary #Dream #Journal

fb_img_1548166853134Photo by: Corbin Aalderts(my youngest son), taken in 2014 after we had moved to Riverside, Ohio. Young Robin bird on a tree branch.

Wikipedia describes a dream journal as a dream diary that is often used in the study of dreams.

I enjoy keeping one and find it thought provoking to look back on. No two are alike. So, if you choose to begin one, be creative and make it uniquely yours. The key is to write down your dream as soon as you awake to remember it. Later you can go back and interpret it either via your own personal intuition, a dream interpretation book or of course Google it. 🙂

   ” The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  -Eleanor Roosevelt

In the process of keeping mine I had an interesting experience. The other night I dreamed of a Robin bird. As I was looking back through my journal I discovered I had dreamed of the Robin before and it was exactly one year to the date of this present dream. So, looking back over 2018 to present this knowledge created a genuine happiness all around me. My interpretation; Yes, new beginnings are ahead! Change can seem negative at first but trust the process. Without exception anything I labeled negative in 2018 turned into a positive. In hindsight I realize now the negative always presented a life lesson. Thus, I would not have experienced the positive outcome without that growth. 🙂

Happy Journaling! 

As Far As I Know #Poetry #Spiritual #Star

20150525_172434Photo by: Marjorie MyselfNi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Though I wished upon a twinkling star, now I know another lingered afar. I’ve had time to grow and I want you to know yours has lost that defiant glow. As far as I know.

When lies begin to flow, I hope you know, the breath of God continues to blow. Though you may think I am your foe, Elohim pulls the curtain on your starry show. As far as I know.

As the winds begin to blow, I hope you know, that mysterious star you wished upon, the Holy Angels have their sword upon. Now it’s time for you to go as far as the Winter wind triumphantly blows. As far as I know.

Poetry by: Marjorie MyselfNi

20180206_155136_burst01Photo by: Marjorie MyselfNi

Isaiah 54:17 (A Spiritual truth in any language)

20171002_162734Photo by: Marjorie MyselfNi

2019! #Life #Lessons #Positive

20150506_202950Photo by: Marjorie MyselfNi taken in Riverside, Ohio

Loving 2019! However, I equally loved 2018. The ups, downs, positives and negatives produced life lessons I will never forget. Some happy, some sad and all of it involved life lessons. Happy to now turn my back on the past and march forward to another remarkable year in my life’s journey. 


Some long term friendships lost. Which made room for the many new friendships and thought provoking experiences to come. I finally adopted the realization that we all go through life’s ups and downs. I’m thankful that it only made me stronger in so many areas of my life.

20171002_165252 Photo taken by: Marjorie MyselfNi  taken in Englewood, Ohio

Goodbye past and I say cheers to us all for the 2019 ups and downs. The storm may seem terrifying but the rainbow is incredible!

Love ya’ll & Happy New Year to us all!