Blessed & I Know It!

Ohio has continued to have beautiful sunny days. Most of our day today was outside absorbing up all the sun. This morning I was enjoying my coffee outside when I noticed something walking on the fallen tree in the backyard. A wild cat! Well, maybe a dropped domestic cat. It would not let me get too near and it took off into the woods.

Caleb brought out a bucket of balls and enjoyed some backyard time too. I’m not looking forward to the colder days ahead. Trying to emotionally prepare myself 😂.

It was too beautiful of a day not to pull out the grill. I do not believe I have ever grilled out as much as I have in 2021. We are so happy to no longer live in the city.

While the grill was heating up I noticed my neighbors had wild guests in their backyard. I just love Ohio’s wildlife ❤️

Burgers on the grill! Love that aroma of beef cooking on a charcoal grill. However, deer burgers is wonderful too😇

Check out all that green! Ohio really is beautiful. I do not take anything for granted and thank Jesus daily for our blessings. The house here is not fancy. It is a older country home built in 1955. I moved here from a more modern townhouse in the city. I do not miss city living!

We decided to end the evening with grilled smores. Hope you had a wonderful weekend in your area of the world and a blessed week ahead.❤️