Throw Back Thursday

I really do believe better days are ahead! I know one day Jesus will return in the clouds. So, everyday I wake up I know I am one day closer to that event! God is always near!

My Mini Movie

Yesterday was my Birthday (9-8-68)! The big “53” 🙂. It has been a lonnng journey thus far. I spent the day reflecting over the past year and my life in general. It is true! “What a difference a year can make!” I really do not feel like I’m “53”. Seems like just yesterday I was a child. The best part of my Birthday was my youngest son contacting me from South Korea ❤️. He shared loving heartfelt birthday wishes with me that was priceless ❤️. The best part of this life on Earth is knowing I am a child of God. I will continue to move forward until he calls me home ❤️.