Crockpot Chocolate Cake

Homestyle Goodness 😍

This is such a easy frugal recipe! Definitely, falls under the category of comfort foods.

This is how easy it is…

One box of cake mix and two boxes of instant pudding.

Get your ingredients ready…

Grease your crockpot (either way it is a bit messy). Begin with the two boxes of pudding (directions are on the box).

Put pudding in the bottom of the crockpot. Now, make the cake mix according to the box directions.

Place cake mix on top of pudding. Do not stir the pudding and cake mix together. Turn on high and it will take about 3 hours depending on your crockpot.

This is photos with the first serving taken out. The pudding on the bottom will be bubbling to the top when it is done. Also, you can feel the top of the cake or insert a butter knife to know that it is ready.

Remarkable aroma throughout your home as it is cooking/baking. If you have ever had a lava cake this tastes just like that.

This is under $5 without the ice cream added to it. I had mine without ice cream. Incredible when it is fresh and hot.

Caleb doesn’t eat cake without ice cream 😆. His was not so frugal.

I hope you get a chance to try this recipe. It is frugal but tastes expensive. If you like lava cake you will enjoy this.

Have a wonderful week ahead!🙂