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Oklahoma State Capital Yesterday

Hundreds of Americans at the Oklahoma State Capital yesterday demanding no vaccine mandates. Yeah, I know, not current events! Share positive, share poetry or even nature photography! On a positive note my next Blog Post will be a easy frugal recipe filled with comfort 🙂.

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France yesterday (posted on Telegram)

The above video is France yesterday saying no to vaccine passports. It looks the same in Germany, Italy and “all” over the world. In Italy many that had gotten vaccine passports burned their passports in the public square and joined with the protesters.

Posted on Telegram

Maybe we are “slow” to catch on here in America. However, these European countries like France, Germany and Italy was in the middle of World War II. Their parents and grandparents lived through the Nazi takeover. Those people you see out in the streets all over Europe know what a life of “forced” mandates leads to.

Public Post

When I first seen the above post on Telegram yesterday I just laughed. I thought it was like satire from the BabylonBee site 🤣. Later, I learned this was shared Friday evening on MSM 😳. Really!?

No, we are a Country filled with Constitutional “freedoms”. We have every right to question and ask questions. That does not make us a terrorist! Americans have 1st Amendment Constitutional Rights!

We have really drifted off course!

Then, I learned about what was happening in Kabul, Afghanistan yesterday evening. Pray, pray! Prayer Warriors 🙏. Pray that all get out of there with no loss of innocent life 🙏. I broke down in tears. All I could think of was a Bengazi scenario. No One Should have been left for the Taliban! What ever happened to leave no man behind!