Forward in Faith

Ohio is beginning to enter it’s chilly season. This may surprise you, it is at the end of October and believe it or not I am continuing to harvest tomatoes from my Big Boy tomato plants! I am really going to miss Summer.

The Cat Post

Did I mention, Zelda keeps me on my toesπŸ˜†. The cat post was their Christmas present last year. Zelda has given it a workout! It came with a cute ball dangling from a rope attached to it. Zelda has since detached the cute ball.

Cat Tv

After I tuck Caleb in for the night, I turn on Cat tv for ZuZu and Zelda. These videos are on YouTube. You can find cat & dog videos there. ZuZu watches from a distance but Zelda has to be right upon it.


I walked out of the room and came back. It looked like Zelda scared the Tv cat. 🀣

My Baby BoyπŸ’—πŸ’•

My youngest son showed up 3 weeks early on October 25th of 2001. So much happening at that time as a single parent. I was juggling life with a 10 year old autistic beginning medication therapy, a very active 4 year old and watching my goals fall apart. 3 weeks prior to my water breaking, I watched my 2 year leased vehicle that I only owed two payments on to officially end the lease get repossessed. Not to mention, 9/11 had occurred shortly before that.

On October 24th at 4:12 am my water broke. On October 25th close to 4am I still had not delivered. The Doctor came in and said they were prepping the operating room for a C-section. She was concerned that he was in stress and 4:12 am would be 24 hours since my water broke. I fealt scared and began saying come on baby boy. Would you believe I had no C-section and he delivered weighing 7lb 6 oz at 4:12 am. They handed him to me, we made eye contact and what a abundant feeling of love πŸ’•. All was well, then the nurse took him and he passed out in her arms. Seems he had ingested fluid in his lungs from not delivering so long after my water broke. They called in a Specialist and he began administering antibiotics for sepsis. The Specialist told me he didn’t think he was going to make it. All we could do was wait and see if he survived the next 24 hours. Going home without my baby and staring at a empty crib was one of the hardest emotional times in my life. I called a lady I knew, asked her to call her church and form a prayer circle for Corbin. Well, on Thursday the Specialist was preparing me for him not making it. Everyday I was at the hospital hoping and praying. On Sunday the Specialist called me at home. He said, “Your little man has taking a turn for the better, he is going to live”. Praise God!πŸ™Œ

Live he has! β€οΈπŸ’ž
My youngest son, Corbin

He is currently stationed in South Korea. He loves the country there and it’s people. I hope to get to see him before another Birthday has passed. He has made me proud with the man he is becoming.πŸ’–πŸ’ž

Yes He Does!
Friday Night Pizza

On Friday instead of making homemade pizza, I purchased pizza from Speedway. Incredible budget friendly deal and incredible pizza. Me and Caleb was enjoying leftovers the next day.

Christmas Memories

I have decided this year I am going to put up the tree early. This Sunday I will put it up and create that Holiday Seasonal vibe.

Please Christians (brothers & sisters) do not shame anyone for celebrating Christmas. Most of us know and realize that Jesus was born in September (probably the 11th). We also know that pagans celebrate a December holiday too.

I keep our Christmas Christ centered. Also, so many fond childhood memories spent with family and friends. The decorating, cooking, plays, church events and family time.

I’m curious, is anybody else putting up their tree before Thanksgiving?

True βœ”οΈ

This past week I have been searching for encouraging and motivational scriptures with online videos. YouTube has this channel called “Fearless Motivation” I have that blended into my music list now. We all need to encourage each other and recognize we all have struggles. Sometimes we are busy fighting battles that belong to God. I’m going to continue to move forward in Faith and hope that you do too.

We have made it through everything that life has thrown at us so farπŸ˜„. Let us all continue to move forward and enjoy this new week!