Every year my Mom’s sunflowers grow back. She loves to show off their beauty with everyone.

Yesterday she shared their beauty with me. I believe this is one of her favorite times of the year because her sunflowers are in full bloom. 💛

With heartbreaking current events happening, I am happy she can step out into her yard and feel a sense of peace.

Just look at that! Sideways, left, right, backwards and looking at you straight in the face. Either way, there is no denying God’s awesome created beauty. 😍

Even the imperfections overflow with nature’s beauty.

~Planned Plot~

We all walk along through this journey of life. Do not be surprised when you see strife.

Know what is real and what is not. Think and don’t get caught up in someone’s planned plot.


Regardless of what happens in life, I trust God and his plan. I hope you do too 💓🙏