Living Well

Well, I can definitely say getting older is not a negative aspect of life. To have been able to weather and navigate through the storms of life is positively priceless.

I hope everyone has been living well! πŸ’—

We got our tree up! Even though Zelda thinks it looks better knocked over πŸ˜‚. It has been like living out the movie Groundhog Day trying to teach her not to climb it. It still needs a lot more trimming and will look better the closer to Christmas we get. The star is my favorite ornament.

Scrambled Omelette

With the cold weather approaching we will be staying home much more. A positive to being home more is homemade cooking. I call the above photo a Scrambled Omelette. The ingredients: egg, milk, garlic cloves(I love garlic), mushrooms, spinach and some favorite spices. Plus, mozzarella on top 😍

Homemade Beef Roast

Homemade beef roast with pasta and vegetables. I know pasta is usually not a part of beef roast but this was good! I love the one pan dinners.

We have been taking the time to enjoy some movies too. We like streaming tv a lot because we can choose what we want to watch. “Miracle in the Woods” was very good and has a incredible cast. It is a 1997 film and runs for 92 minutes. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. Be prepared for tear jerker moments. I watched it on Amazon Prime.

So true. You never know what someone is going through or has been through. Be kind.

Did I mention Zelda keeps everyone on their toes 🀣? ZuZu was trying to relax but Zelda kept jumping on her. Finally, ZuZu was done warning her. This is the same look I gave Zelda after seeing the tree knocked over for the 3rd time. .. very relatable!

Crazy Cat😹

In the above video, I was trying to video ZuZu chasing the ribbons on Cat tv. Then, Zelda came flying out of nowhere. On her way down she missed the tv stand and hit the floor πŸ˜‚

True. Share your plans with the Lord. He is closer than you think πŸ’•

Keep looking up and continue to live well!❀️